Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pregnant with Twins Belly Shots (weeks 28, 29 and 30)

It's that time again! It's getting a little uncomfortable--sometimes a lot. They are both loving my right side and although I keep telling them, there is plenty of room on the left, they don't listen very well.
You can't tell in these photos, but at night one side of my belly is noticeably bigger and bulgier than the other side. Pretty funny. No stretch marks on the belly (yet) but have noticed some on my hips. Chicken says they were already there and they are just more pronounced now. Either way, nothing to complain about.

I pretty much live in the same pair of gray maternity sweats, one of 3 sports bras and a couple of T-shirts. I remember hearing another twin mom saying she lived in sweats and T-shirts toward the end and thinking "Oh, but that won't be me, I don't even own a pair of baggy sweats." I do now. And I love them!

Eight more weeks MAXIMUM.

28 weeks, 3 days pregnant with twins
29 weeks, 4 days pregnant with twins
Just for shits and giggles, let's look at my stomach at 20 weeks
(I thought I was SO big!) before comparing it to 10 weeks later.....
Whoa Big Baby Mama!
30 weeks, 3 days pregnant with twins


  1. A gorgeous baby mama at that!

  2. Thanks for the comparison shot! That really puts it in perspective. Here's hoping that at least one of tehm will tack left soon.

  3. that is a beauteous thing! you are doing so amazing for being oh-so pregant. take it easy and enjoy!

  4. That's an effing fantastic belly! Gorgeous(and holy crap, that's a lot of baby too!)

  5. what a gorgeous belly!!!!! 8 more weeks max, wow. youre almost on the home sure being uncomfortable, it still feels like a LONG ways away. :)

    and yay for no stretch marks on your belly yet!

  6. I started reading this post and my first thought was: well that belly is pretty small for 30 weeks. THEN I scrolled down and saw the actual 30 week pic. You look fab but that is alot of baby belly! No wonder you are so uncomfy and living in sweats. I say embrace whatever comfort you can get.

  7. haha freaked me out a bit there - I was scrolling down through 28 weeks, 29 weeks.. wtf it's gotten smaller?? lol Wow it's cool to see the changes side by side, I never thought about one side being a little bigger than the other twins but I guess it's logical when you think about it.

    Anyway, looking good!

  8. Looking wonderful! How far we've come in a year's time! I hope we can squeeze in one more meeting before babytime!

  9. Wow! You are totally pregnant with twins! Ha ha! Its amazingly beautiful and crazy all in one. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy as much as you can. Rest up, and just sit around with nothing to do, because soon, you will have TWO babies to love!

  10. You look fantastic! Amazing progress when seeing it week to week.

  11. yoour pics of your belly have been taken by a woman on facebook called bailey wong here is the link look on her pics xxx

  12. Now who couldn't LOVE a twin baby belly that looks as AMAZING as this one looks at 30 weeks and 3 days.It's so BIG and so ROUND and SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!