Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PufferPoo Finish

The poo is gone. Just a 24 hour buggy and she's fine now.
We've been on a 2.5 hour trek this morning through rice paddies, villages and tons of art galleries.
We bought two amazing paintings from a local guy for $40 total. Now, in USA we would never hand over $40 and just 'trust' that he would bring them to our guesthouse, but here we do....and I think they'll be there when we come back this afternoon.
In the middle of this village is a Western cafe with free internet, so here we are!

Yes, once you pay the price of the plane ticket you can live like Queens and to PBX, we have encountered about 2 Aussies mainly because we have no interest in partying like maniacs and so have purposely stayed away from the main tourist hubs (like Kuta).
It's been brilliant.

Thanks for the love.



mulberry said...

brilliant indeed! glad the poo has let up so the adventuring could start again in earnest... hopefully the rest of the trip will be bug free :)

Lizzie said...

Sooooo glad to hear from you. Sounds divine, all except the 24 hours of poo. Glad to hear that's gone. Take care.

eggdance said...

It sounds like you are exactly where you need to be. I'm glad it is so wonderful.

journeytowardsourbaby said...

glad you're having an awesome time - I'm so jealous but it is well deserved! I'm with pbx - have only heard of friends going there for the party experience so it's great to hear another side of it.

Enjoy the last few days