Wednesday, September 2, 2009

15 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Belly Shot

The past couple of weeks have just been busy, busy, busy.
I feel like time is speeding up and I am trying to get as much done now, in the second trimester, when time and energy is on my side.

My u/s last week at 14 weeks, 1 day showed everything A-OK which was a huge sigh of relief since it was the first one after the first trimester.

Also, the handheld doppler that was loaned to me by these fine ladies, has been a great reassurance though I try to only use it once or twice a week.
I continue to gain weight and my belly continues the outward bound trip it is on.

My local Y has a great indoor swimming pool and I usually swim there 2-3 times a week. I've made friends with the regulars--they are old ladies around 50-60--and they love to hear about the pregnancy, how we did it, sperm donors, etc. etc.
It's quite funny to be discussing these things while doing leg lifts with a 60-year-old.
I love the fact that I live in NYC and this type of friendship is possible. They don't blink an eye and they don't care. It always leaves me feeling very grateful for where I live and the people I am surrounded by.

They, and most of my friends, still agree that 'if they didn't know me and know I was pregnant' they would not automatically think I was preggo. They "might"....but they would probably think I was just the girl eating too many cupcakes and pizza!

I've gained over 10 lbs and am surprisingly NOT freaking out about weight gain. This is a huge deal for me and I had no idea how I would react seeing the scale going up, up, up. But every time I step on the scale and see a new number (yes, I weigh myself quite frequently) I think of how big and healthy my body is making these babies and it's all for Chicklet and Shadow Boxer to be born as strong as can be. I've passed the mark this past week by gaining 2 lbs, so gone are the convenient days of "If I'm 15 weeks, I must be 115 lbs." I knew that wouldn't last.
Go Body!

As promised, I've posted both an AM and PM belly shot. I don't know, it doesn't look that different on camera, but it sure does in real life. More than that, it FEELS different at night. Much more swollen and full. It could also be that I've been advised that twin moms need to drink a gallon of water a day.
Let me tell you people, that is really, really hard. I haven't quite gotten there, but I am drinking a little over half a gallon. By the time I drink all of this water, it's hard to find room for food. By I am doing it. All for C and SB.

15 weeks Pregnant with Twins; 116; belly in the AM
15 Weeks Pregnant with Twins; 116; Belly in the PM


Anonymous said...

It's like your pregnancy in fast forward going through all of these updates! I can totally see the difference in the am and pm shots, btw. Keep up the good work growing those babies!

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Love seeing the belly grow! Those babies are making themselves right at home.

Sorry to read in your last post that Chicken is gone all the time. It sounds like she's on the road a lot. Is it all year, or does she have busier seasons? There are definitely pros and cons about traveling for work. I love frequent flier miles (and free upgrades to first class!) and hotel points, but I hate being away from Veronica so often, too. I can't imagine how hard it will be when/ if we ever have a baby.


tireegal68 said...

our attitude about the weight gain is so positive and upbeat! I agree with you - it's all to help your little ones get big and grow strong!
Your belly pics are adorable. I see what you mean about the night-time one - I think!
I love the story about your swim classes - how stinkin' cute is that!!!!Awesome!!!
Glug glug to you!

tireegal68 said...

I mean your attitude!

Jackie said...

I'm so glad to hear all is going well with C and SB. I, too, love NYC for the same reasons. Your story about the 60year old swimming ladies is classic!

I just wanted to publicly thank you for all the love and support you send my way. You're such a great friend!

Hope to see you soon!


nutella said...

I can see a difference! You look wonderful. As for water consumption, just remember that lemonade is water, too :-)

Jen said...

Love the belly shots! I can tell a difference too but I know what you mean about being fuller and rounder at certain times of the day. I so wish I didn't live in the midwest...being so carefree and open must be amazing...not so much here. just last night I was worrying about homophobic "dads" that we may run into at our birthing classes.

Lizzie said...

you look and sound great!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

It makes me so happy to see everything going so smoothly and you so happy! The shots look great - I can see a subtle difference. If I saw you IRL and didn't know you, I probably wouldn't guess pregnancy or cupcakes and pizza - just normal looking lady.

Laurie said...

When did you get to be 15 weeks?!? Time is flying! You look AWESOME :)

She said...

I agree you do look amazing at 15 weeks pregnant! Glad that everything is going great!

Melissa said...

My belly grows throughout the day too. I totally see a difference from morning to night. I think you look great!!

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

You are doing amazing with the weight gain! Keep it up! and don't worry about it, you will lose it all in a month or two when those babies are born without any extra work needed. I also think its great that you are swimming, its the safest for those babies. I'm so happy for you and I think you are paving a great road for a long (lets keep them in for at least 34 weeks) and healthy pregnancy.

cindyhoo2 said...

Good plans. I am glad that you are not letting the weight issue worry you. The little ones do need you to gain. So smart.

As for telling the older ladies at the Y, what freedom! I rarely find that sort of acceptance in the south (even in my own age group). I love the picture of you telling them about IVF, spermm donors and Chicken's eggs. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww Puffer, the belly is just beautiful! You are growing some perfect babies there too lady.

I'm glad you got to sneak a peak at them and that everything was great.

Anonymous said...

Awww Puffer, the belly is just beautiful! You are growing some perfect babies there too lady.

I'm glad you got to sneak a peak at them and that everything was great. I can just hear you telling them stories about how you took senior citizen water arobics when you were pregnant with them! I bet those ladies are a bunch of pissers too! How fun.

Anonymous said...

Your swimming ladies sound awesome!

And I can totally see a difference in the belly shots - not much but it's there!

Gayby Rabies said...

There's definetely a big difference in these pictures, but you're still so tiny! Unless you walk around in real life with your shirt pulled up to show off your belly, I probably wouldn't have a clue if I saw you.

shindagrl said...

What a gorgeous gut! You're a beautiful woman and I'm glad you're doing okay with the weight gain....I was worried about it.

BTW, there's nothing wrong with massages while preggo IF you've got a LMT that knows what they're doing. I routinely visited a MT through one pregnancy, and a chiropracter the other (cheaper w/ insurance, although I liked the massages better!). Carrying those kiddos tends to make your muscles and body alignment do strange things, so do what you can to keep yourself in line.

Love you!


thebao said...

yay for a strong, healthy body!

Deana Pearse said...

Your belly looks really beautiful! How's your baby by now? Did you wear some pregnancy belts? Your posture looks so good, though your tummy looks a little bit small here. Yes, drinking a lot of water is advisable, especially when you're having twins.

15 weeks pregnant said...

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