Friday, June 15, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Toddler--Potty Training

We've entered nekid potty training bootcamp.  Quite by accident, I must say.  It seems that more than half of the battle of getting W2 dressed...was because he doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore.  This child had little interest in the potty chair last week and this week....
Well, it's just like him.  He did this to
me with breastfeeding as well!  Just when I start to categorize them and put them in little boxes, "He's like this.  He's going to be this way."  They pull out one great big surprise on me.
They get a reward sticker to put on their potty.  One for pee, two for poo.
In typical W2 style, he could seriously care less about the stickers.  I have to remind him.  Bribery/rewards don't work so well with this one.  He's so stubborn and independent.  He's only going to do it when he's good and ready.  I just love his big spirit.

So, we've been spending the majority of our days inside.  On Wednesday we spent the entire day inside.  Thursday we ventured out once for about an hour:

Starting our day with a good wrestling match.  Note the potty chairs lined up at the ready.  I do not put them in the bathroom because they don't want to go there and hang out by themselves.  It works much better when I put them wherever we are playing.  They go from room to room throughout the day.
A little friend came over and W2 played dress up with her brellie and shoes
After spending the morning inside I decided to venture out--without diapers on.  I packed up the travel potties and put them in loose shorts.  I tried to get them to use the regular potty chairs inside before we left.  We got 6 feet outside the lobby and they announced they wanted to use the travel potty.  Great indiscreet spot, boys. 
Waiting for the pee.... 
And we have a winner!  Grunter throws away his bag o pee all by himself 
Off to the post box to mail out some cards 
They are finally tall enough to stand on the bench, open the box and drop it in without any help 
Grunter is clapping for Whoop Whoop.  They are so pleased with themselves. 
A little swinging.  Feeling the cool breeze where a diaper used to be... 
A day is not complete without a little digger watching 
Look!  It's digging!!
And home again to do a little singing, drumming and guitar playing before our nap.
Naked.  On my sofa.
So far, so good.

Today is Friday, day 3.  They've both been diaperless all morning and only one accident by Grunter.  Kind of my fault as I didn't remind him to go pee before putting him in his booster before brekkie.  Poor guy.  He was sitting in it and really sad:(
Oh and W2 really, really wanted to poo in the potty.  He tried 3 times, then asked for a diaper.  I complied, he poo'd immediately and went back to being naked.  One step at a time...

We even went to the park and played for over an hour.  They used the travel potties in the park and no accidents in the stroller.
I'm doing diapers for naps and bed time, but other than that....I think we might be well on our way!
Of course, this means any plans have to be super close to home right now, but that won't last forever.

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K J and the kids said...

That is AWESOME ! They are doing so well.
I love that you just took the travel potties with you. NICE !

I'm so glad that you are letting them take their time (putting a diaper on to poop) it seems to help continue the forward progress of it all.

Way to go guys !