Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bed Rest or Take it Easy After IVF Transfer?

There are two camps out there...and they seem to be evenly divided.
  • Camp One says:  strict bed rest for up to 3 days after transfer.
  • Camp Two says: "take it easy" as in don't go running or play basketball or get your heart rate up or clean the house, but you can go out to eat and fold laundry and sit up and read a book.  Hell, you can even take a short walk.
So, for those of you who have done IVF....which camp where you in and what was your outcome.
This is one of those questions that has no correct answer.
I'm just curious.

If you normally don't comment but are reading along...feel free to post anonymously, I won't mind.


Carrie said...

my IVF doc said it's strict bedrest for 24 hours, then the next 48 hours it's just take it easy. Read a book, go out to eat..but no exercise. they said don't stay in bed for 3 days, its not necessary.

ps i tested positive for MTHFR too!

tireegal68 said...

I can't tell you the outcome I had because so far I never got that far, but I believed my doc who told me that everyone rests up for the first day ( i.e. hangs out on couch and watches movies etc) and there is no need to be on bed rest for the rest of the time. Others will swear the bed-rest did it for them.
Apparently ( according to doc) there is no evidence to prove either theory. Odd I know.
I hope others weigh in and then you can decide which to do. Ultimately I think it is what you are comfortable with.
Good luck:)

Laurie said...

Our RE wanted me to take it easy the day of the transfer and then resume normal activity the next day. I did this for transfers 1, 2 & 3 - all bfn. On transfer 4 I made my own decision to stay in bed for 3 days - bfn. Transfer 5, I took it easy the day of and resumed normal activity the next day and, voila! BFP!

My opinion is that it really doesn't matter. There are SO many women who get pregnant and have wonderful pregnancies after going out dancing, playing sports, going to amusement parks, etc. I think it's all up to the embryo and whether or not it is going to stick. I don't think that there is much we can do to make that decision for the embie... :)

Hopefully yours are sticky-minded! :)

Melissa said...

I did not do IVF, but I read an article saying that women who laughed more after the transfer for IVF, had higher success rates, so when we were ttc, I read a funny book, only watched funny tv and it worked for me.
Don't know about how much or little rest you need, but I do recommend some funny books and tv to accompany whatever level of activity you choose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Puffer - Thanks for your blog! My partner and I used Boston IVF who recommended taking it easyish but no bed rest and resuming normal activities the next day. First round only one embryo made it to transfer: negative; second round two embryos made it to transfer: positive (with one baby). I did my own research, too, and felt like this made the most sense in terms of my own instincts - I wasn't going to go jogging day of but didn't need to only lay down, either. However, I also toned down my activity in the first several weeks as well and did more slowish walking, gentle pre-natal yoga and no major exercise. This wasn't based on anything the doctor said or didn't say but it was what felt right to me. Good luck!!!

Lizzette said...

I did super strict bedrest for the full 3 days. Only got up to use the restroom... And well, you know how that turned out! Both eggs took and we now have Drew and Luke on IVF #1!

Wishing you the best!

chicklet said...

I had failures each time but I tried taking it easy (work but no exercise) and tried running after and just going back to my normal routine. So while you don't have my body, I don't know if either "works" better - it's all about your body. My doc had asked me to take it easy but after a week I was allowed to run if i wanted.

Anonymous said...

well, after embarrassing myself by answering *your* question over on carrie's blog (eat, poop, love), let me try again:

i was on 3 days of bedrest for both of my ivf cycles and got bfps after each. i took the docs orders very seriously and only got out of bed to use the bathroom or switch from bed to couch. i figured after all the superstitious things i did during iuis (pineapple, etc), i wasnt going to take any chances with my ivf cycles. after all the time/money/etc invested, i wanted to give my embryos the best possible chance to snuggle in tight. plus, the bedrest is kinda nice :)

dryan said...

I am sorry that I don't have any input in regards to rest after IVF, but being a long time reader/lurker I wanted to post a note to say that I wish you guys the best of luck!! When you had your positive last year I had recently had one as well; and when you went through the m/c I followed shortly thereafter. I really hope that after all that you've been through lately and all of the soul searching that you guys achieve great success with this cycle!! You both deserve it :)

Inlocoparentis said...

We did the bedrest - the day of transfer and the two days following it. Our R.E. is pretty adamantly in the bedrest camp.

2girlsandtheirfamily said...

We had the transfer on a Saturday morning and I stayed in bed all day Saturday, Sunday and worked from my bed on Monday with only potty breaks getting me out. Our specialist said 1 day of bedrest and then take it easy for a couple of days but we weren't taking any chances! IVF is too expensive and invasive! I just took it easy Tues and the rest of the week. As you know - two lil embies were put in and 2 lil babies will come out. Good Luck on Saturday!!!

Next in Line said...

My clinic said just take it easy for a couple of days. My natropath said take two weeks off work and stay close to home. I did neither.

I did 48 hours of rest but got up for a few minutes ever hour to keep the blood circulating. Then I took a few more days off work, which I am so grateful for because I had cramping if I did very much. Implantation cramping? I don't know but my gut was taking it easy. I then back to work which stopped me from going crazy.

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