Friday, September 10, 2010

The Little Twins That Could

All went well this morning with the exception of wake up time/nap time.
That's a hard one to predict.

We aimed for a 9:45 train thinking it would more or less coincide with the morning nap.
Unfortunately, the boys didn't get our memo, woke up at 6am and were ready for a nap earlier than expected.

There was a bit of hysterical crying for 5-10 minutes before we decided to just leave the house early because they would probably fall asleep on us.
Good thing because it took forever to get a cab at rush hour.
It took so long in gridlock traffic they both fell asleep in the taxi.

The luggage situation is totally doable and I think we will not have a problem wearing the carseats next time.
After all, we just have to get from the apartment to the cab, out of the cab and to the train and then there's a car waiting for us at the other end.
We can do this!!
But oh, I can't wait til the day I don't have to pack up pumping/feeding supplies. It takes up so much valuable packing space.

Our plan was for them to nap on us during the train ride. However, we didn't count on the VERY loud speaker announcing the stops. That seems to jolt them. Darn. We will see how that goes for the 2 hour ride. They sleep in the stroller with sirens going by so I think they will be OK. I just hate feeling their little bodies startle.

You know what? It's all going to be OK. We are going to just take it as it comes. We have done a great deal of work establishing good routines but at the same time I want flexible, adaptable kids.

For now, I'm going to sit back and enjoy the scenery as the Hudson River Valley unfolds before me. You don't get to relax with this view when you drive.

Hudson River Valley

Grand Central Station with Grunter and our 2 bags.

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Mommy and Mamita said...

Just be aware that the Radian carseats have a steel frame and, while more compact, are a good bit heavier than a regular carseat. You might need a little luggage cart if the weight ends up being too much.

K J and the kids said...

Very impressive.
OMG I can't imagine carrying a radian. We have them and I could barely lift it in to the back seat of the car. And I'm freakishly strong :) ha ha
Any ways way to go !

Next in Line said...

Puffer you are so incredible! I have come to believe that is impossible to have world traveling babies and even babies that travel to another city and maintain the nap schedule. You are so right. We just have to go with it.

Next in Line said...

If those car seats are too heavy their are some nifty things that add wheels to them. I haven't used them though but here is the info...

Next in Line said...

Puffer can you let me know how that new car seat worked for you. When you first posted that you had to move the boys to a bigger car seat I was surprised. How could they be so big? I underestimated how fast these babies can grow. It turns out Ziya also needs a new carseat.