Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's Stressing You Out Today?

Yesterday morning I was in a children's clothing store with the boys and I ran into my downstairs neighbor, a twin mom of 3-year-old boys (also living in a one bedroom!). After saying hello's, the first thing she asked me was, "So, what's stressing you out today?"
It took me a minute to process what she said and I thought for a second, smiled brightly and said, "Nothing!"
We talked a bit and then as I was walking home, the impact hit me. I'm pretty sure every time she sees me I'm stressed about something and talking about it.
Embarrassing, yes...but also sad. It made me sad to know that I've been that stressed out for so long. Happy to know I'm not (at this moment)

Things are going well, really, really well. The boys and I are getting into a new routine of sorts. I take them on more outings than ever before and we get to the park at least once if not twice a day (weather permitting of course). I'm getting things DONE. My level of productivity is amazing my wife and she is overjoyed to have "me" back. I don't know when I lost "me" but it's been far too long.
Chicken and I are looking forward to Spring/Summer arriving and have already made out a list of weekend activities we'd like to do with the twins. I can't wait for some warmer weather.
In fact, we couldn't wait and bought tickets to Florida for next week!

Chicken's grandma lives on the east coast of Florida and is steadily going downhill. We visited her at this time last year and it really cheered her up, so we are going to stay with her for 4 nights. It will be 'work' as we not only have to cook, clean and take care of ourselves but also her to an extent. But that's OK. We can handle this now.

One thing that Chicken and I have realized is that we really held on to this memory of our babies when they were newborns--well, our newborn phase lasted about 6 months, so it was a long time, longer than most--and we got bogged down in that memory. That haze of fussy, colicly, refluxy, bad sleeper babies.
It's amazing how much they've changed and how good they are now. We are really lucky with the way everything turned out.
They turned 14 months last week and everyday they stun me with what they are doing and how much they understand. It seems like they pick up something new everyday at this age.

So, we will go to the beach and spend some time at the pool and see how they do in the water this time around. I hope they love it as much as we do. Either way, it will be nice to have a break from this too-cool-not-quite-spring weather we are having here in NYC. It will be great to have them walk around barefoot in the grass and sand and just be outdoor boys.

Nothing's stressing me out's all good.

I did a 14 month old photo shoot. Funny to see it frame by frame:)

This face is a new one for Whoop Whoop. Cracks me up every time. He's holding a plastic coaster. I keep them on the table beside the couch and every morning when they are BFing, at some point they have to crawl to the side and 'get' their coasters, then they come back and keep BFing each with a coaster in each hand. Aren't kids crazy funny??


Laura Kaiser said...

Okay the coaster thing has me lol'ing...thank you for sharing it!

H2 said...

Awww they're getting so big. I hope you have a great time visiting in Florida next week.

K J and the kids said...

So handsome.
I know exactly what you mean. For me though it comes and don't be worried if your next stage feels overwhelming. You'll always find your way back to the good :)
I'm so glad you are doing so well. Florida sounds AWESOME and with the weather looking up I'm sure it'll all look better with sunshine on it.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Hmmmm, I was just thinking about the newborn stage this morning in bed and I came to the same realisation - ours was bad for so long that I'm scarred!

Your guys are handsome and are so cute with the coasters!

I'm so glad to hear you're in a good place

Anonymous said...

forget toys when a coaster will do! your boys are absolutely adorable!