Thursday, September 15, 2011


I know you're out there. Can you please comment if you live in Boston and use a reliable babysitter.
Help a Puffer out....

Also, if you want to leave me any helpful ideas of the top 3 things to do with 20 month old twins in early October (which could include a Sunday meet-up....), please do so!



Michelle said...

I live in Boston and AM a reliable babysitter....with TWIN EXPERIENCE! I work full time in early intervention but babysitt on the side. Are you coming this way?

nutella said...

Aquarium. Seriously, the penguins alone will keep their attention for 15 minutes, especially if it's feeding time or enclosure cleaning time.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog I live in Australia where right now where going into summer and its going to be stinkin hot I wish I lived in Boston and I wish I could of been of some help to you I think this is my first post! Hello!
Cheers Lisa

e said...

Definitely the Aquarium and we also love the Museum of Science. If the weathers nice, maybe a duck tour and definitely a trip to the commons to see the mallard ducks and swan boats. If you have access to a car (and want to get involved in a day-trip) apple picking could be fun (and very new england) -- juice and cider donuts will be a big hit!

e said...

oh and if you decide to do apple picking let me know, i can recommend a few places with nice petting-zoos and hayrides. Several have music/fair-like atmosphere that is perfect for that age.

theroberts said...

My wife and I have 25-month old twins and live in Boston. We could be up for a Sunday afternoon meetup! Drop me an e-mail at if you are interested.

Our nanny is awesome (she's watched the twins 40 hours a week since they were 5 months old); she might be interested in babysitting, depending on her schedule.

As far as activities, we frequent the Museum of Science, the Children's Museum, and many local playgrounds.


theroberts said...

Oh wait, our twins are 28 months these days... how time flies.


Ruby at Breathedragon said...

Boston here! We're short on babysitters (I could use a rec myself) though our new nanny tells us does pick up weekend hours sometimes. I echo those who recommend the Aquarium and Children's Museum. Would love a meetup if you wind up doing either of these things - fun!