Saturday, June 9, 2012

New York City for Kids--Construction Vehicles!

I don't know about your little boys (and maybe girls?) but mine are obsessed with all things that beep, honk, move, dig, push and roll.
This makes NYC a construction vehicle paradise for kids!  You don't have to walk far to find something under construction in this city.  And since we walk miles in our daily life, we see plenty.
It's almost like going to Touch a Truck every single day.

The group of moms here my neighborhood have
our own FB group and most days at least one mom will blast a post on a great construction site.  Sure enough, you arrive and the site is surrounded by strollers with toddlers watching in awe.  If it weren't for the noise and the dust, my boys would be happy to stay there watching for hours.  Actually, the noise and dust bother me.  I don't think they even notice.

I don't know where this fascination with 'diggers' as they call excavators, came from.  It certainly wasn't pushed upon them by Chicken or I.  But it's there and the pull is strong.
So strong, that when we went on a recent playdate there was massive fighting over a certain digger and we knew it was time to buy new toys.  They are now the proud owners of not one--but two--sets of CAT construction vehicles for kids.  These toys have become their most prized possessions.

Whoop Whoop actually wakes up and pops out of his crib asking "digger?"  Or "digger working today?" Which means, "Hey, that digger we saw yesterday that was just sitting there not digging but I had to stop and look at it for 15 minutes anyway, is that one working today?  Did the guy come back?  Can we go find it or find another one?  Right now?"
I bought a backup set of these and have them hidden because god forbid if we lose a digger--and they insist on bringing them everywhere--there are going to be massive meltdowns!

It's better than watching TV.  Watching construction vehicles is like going to the drive in for little kids.  And to find some diggers.
We watched and talked about this digger--that was not moving--for over 20 minutes.
Ah, we hit the jackpot here.  A 'digger' and a bulldozer like thing all in one plus a dump truck.  Awesome.


nutella said...

Awesome! Curly would love this too. The highlight of Pride for him on Saturday was watching the illegally parked BMW get towed from in front of us, just prior to the parade.

Heidi said...

That sounds a lot like the conversations we have at our house. Road trips are much more fun when digger spotting and trying to find a roller that is working because they always seem to be on break. It must be born in them because we did not put it there either.