Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moving to Paris with Young Children?

Things are moving at breakneck speed all of the sudden.
I knew it would happen like this, but it's still overwhelming.

Chicken has an interview in Paris.  She'll be flying out sometime in the next week or so (TBD).
The direct quote was "They feel very, very, very strongly about you" and a bunch of other fabulous things.
So, um, whoa.
If they* like her, she will be
hired for a six week trial training in Paris.  After that, both parties will decide if it's working. 
If it is....we move to Paris.

Excuse me, but my head is about to explode.

Last time we were in Paris, May 2005

This means that shortly after her interview we very well could be frantically packing up and moving out...by the end of June.
The boys and I will join her in Paris for the six weeks because this is, after all, a family decision.  We all need to be there trying it out.

I'm thinking about really stupid things like, "Should I cancel the boy's gymnastic classes by this Thursday's deadline?" "Where can I buy a sunlight so we don't all die from light deprivation?" "Is it imperative for a French woman (or one interviewing in France) to wear a skirt to an interview or can she wear pants?"  "Do I want to live in a city where I can't spend my entire day running around in yoga/workout clothes?" "I think textiles are more expensive in Paris.  I should probably use that Bed Bath Beyond coupon and buy new towels and bring them with us." "The boy's table manners are f*cking abysmal, there's no way we can go out to eat in Paris."

Hello, she hasn't even had the interview yet, let alone got the job!  Getting ahead of myself much?

Oh, but my brain races.

In the meantime, the Bangkok deal has yet to be fully discussed so there's still Thailand on the table.

The jobs are different.  The cities couldn't be more different.  There is simply no comparison between Paris and Bangkok.
I mean, it's like trying to rate New York City against Kansas City.  They both have "City" in their name and that's about where the similarity ends.
Bread, Cheese and Wine VS Noodles, Fish and Mango Smoothies.

I'd  probably be healthier in Bangkok, but I sure do love a perfect baguette and some stinky cheese.

*Many of you have inquired the nature of Chicken's career.  I can't really talk about it in detail but it's along the lines of corporate intelligence.


tireegal68 said...

OMFG!!!! Wow!!!! You are two very high powered ladies! With some cool kids who can adapt to anything, I'm sure! I agree that those two places are like chalk and cheese! Not that I have been to either because I am boring. I am in KC right now though!!!!
Totally different lifestyles, vibes. One laid back, less clothes, morw beaches, one high fashion and gastronomy and French parenting. I bet Paris is a lot like NYC. Minus the yoga pants! I vote for Thailand!

K J and the kids said...

oui. I TOTALLY pick Paris.

Elissa said...

Lurker, delurking: we have just been through this. It is so full on and stressful. We chose Asia but Paris would be amazing.

Pomegranate said...

I would pick Paris, but either one sounds fantabulous!

Jen said...

okay, your "city" comparison made me giggle...it isn't that bad, but, yeah, I get it. When I went to Paris, I loved it, but moving and raising a family is..wow... I am so impressed and in awe of the choices ahead of you. And here I am, scared to move to Iowa or another equality state!

MalachiBarton said...