Friday, February 12, 2010

It's After 7pm and You're Still Cute!

It's like a different world in our house today. The babies have been great and so far...not a single fusspot episode. Of course, the night is still young, but by 4pm yesterday I'd had my first breakdown.

They have had some separate feedings, but the last couple have been right back on track together which makes it so much easier.
In fact, we had a friend come over this afternoon right as I'd finished a feeding and because of the timing, I was able to take an HOUR nap! OMG, it was heaven and I felt like a new mommy when I got up.
I'm still only getting about 3.5 hours of solid sleep during the night. I can get this because I pump just enough during the day that Chicken can give them a bottle of breast milk during the night while I skip a feeding and sleep. It's awesome. If I can pump more, my goal is to skip two feedings and get some extra sleep. We'll see....
In the meantime, I try to grab a nap where I can, but sometimes that works and other days it never happens. Somehow, the body manages on very little sleep. I don't know how.

Chicken is great for taking the night shift and letting me sleep with earplugs and a sleep mask. It makes all the difference. When we transition to the 'day' shift, I take them to the living room and let her sleep for a good 4-5 hours in the bedroom.
So far, this is working really well.

We've ordered Indian food, we're going to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies, the boys have had a bath (the mommies have not!) and life is good.
Our friend even went to Trader Joe's for us and the groceries were just delivered. If you've ever been to a TJ's in NYC, you'll know this is a gift in GOLD as that place is a madhouse. Let's put it this way--sometimes there is a line forming out the door of people waiting to shop. CRAZY. I didn't think we'd make it there until the boys were 3 months old because it's just that much of a huge trip!

Thanks for all of your supportive comments.
I cried this morning reading all of them and realizing I didn't have any tissues nearby, I had to dry my tears with a breast pad.
Today I feel like I can do this.


next in line said...

I am so happy today is a different two work so well together. I like your system of taking shifts. You can totally do this.

anofferingoflove said...

"... realizing I didn't have any tissues nearby, I had to dry my tears with a breast pad." Okay, this made me laugh out loud!! Ah, motherhood! :-)

glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Sleep makes such a difference!

N said...

HURRAH for new days. *hugs*

cindyhoo2 said...

Yay for a good day and mommies getting some sleep. Don't underestimate the effects of sleep deprivation- that is used as torture for good reason. :)

I just love your posts. They are so authentic and I feel like I get a peek into life with babies.

jessie said...


Just a warning, and this may not be the case for you, but skipping a night feeding to let Greta give a bottle (so I get could the sleep I was soooooooo desperate for) really messed up my milk supply :-/ I know you worked so hard to bring your milk in and I would just hate to see it diminish at all.

Candi said...

yay for new days and breast pads!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you dried your tears with a breastpad!!

I feel bad for not commenting when you used to comment on my blog, but then I was where you are now - time enough for writing my own, no time for reading anyone else's.

I am now reading yours and actually feeling nostalgic for those early mind-numbing, sleep deprived days!

Love to you and yours. You are doing a fab job!