Saturday, February 5, 2011

We are NOT having a good day

This is pretty much classic WhoopWhoop on any given day!
All because I had to go to the bathroom....
The boy has a temper and ZERO patience. Even for pee breaks.

Make that the last 3 or 4 days actually....
We went to our neighborhood play space on Monday and by Wednesday, Grunter was Mr. Super Poopy Pants.
The next night he became Mr. Vomit in My Crib as well as Mr. Super Poopy Pants.

Whoop Whoop doesn't feel great, but he isn't sick like Grunter. Instead he is just Sir McFussAlot. There's a new stage of jealousy going on and when Grunter is practicing being a baby tree monkey on me (read: clingy) W2 wants some of that as well.

This usually leads to booby business, because really--what a better way to soothe and hold two baby tree monkeys at the same time? I am SO glad I have these powerful weapons to whip out. I don't even know how many nursing sessions we've had over the last couple of days. If they want them, they get them.
They don't have much of an appetite for real food, not even their new moo milk cups, so booby it is.

In addition, for the last month their naps have been super "wacky" (see, we're trying to be good role model parents and not drop the F bomb all the time. Normally, I would've said super "fucked UP" because that is indeed what they've been).

First of all, they won't go down at the same time. If I try that it's like "Party in the Crib!" There will be NO sleeping. It doesn't matter how tired they are. Grunter needs more sleep than W2 and falls asleep faster and without much protest. So, I put Grunter down first and around 15-20 minutes later go in and put down W2. The great thing is that Grunter sleeps through all of this. W2 will then talk to himself for 10-15 minutes and finally fall asleep and then they wake up about the same time. It really cuts into any "down" time for me, but you do what you gotta do.

Secondly, they want to drop a nap. Yup, already. The morning nap has been pushed back from 9:30 to 10:30 and they'll sleep for that--maybe an hour. But they refuse to sleep for the afternoon nap--UNLESS!--I pop them in the stroller. Then they conk out. So, they need the afternoon nap, but they won't do it in the crib.
One day, I got them to stay awake until noon, thinking we'd have that one magical long nap (2-3 hours) that everyone talks of when their baby consolidates naps. Nope. One hour. Out for a walk we went.
Now, I love a good walk. NYC is made for walking and navigating my hummer-sized stroller isn't that big of a deal in my neighborhood. But damn. It's been like, 15 degrees outside (ok, maybe a little bit warmer, but let's not forget the windchill). The boys are all bundled up with snowsuits and sheepskin buntings and a plastic wind cover but me--well, I'm fucking cold.
I walked around for an hour and a half the other day. Around and around and around I went. It sucked. But they slept and when they woke up they were happy which made the afternoon a whole lot happier for mommy, too.
But today it's raining and while not's mighty uncomfortable to hold an umbrella with one hand and push a double stroller with the other. Rainy days suck.

Rainy days and winter sucks. Winter, mainly. Every winter, and I do mean every, Chicken and I talk of where to move. This always lead to the "is Florida really that bad for the gays and their families?" or "Northern or Southern California?" and this year..."International?" We're all over the map as you can see. Springtime will come and we'll fall in love with our city again until next winter when we'll love to hate it. Two More Months Two More Months Two More Months.

On a bright note, sleep--aside from naps and the latest stomach bug--continues to be, well....Awesome.
The boys go to bed at 6:30pm and sleep through the night without a peep. They wake up, play or hang out in their cribs and we go get them and start our day at 7am which I think is a great time. I would much rather have them waking earlier and going to bed earlier. We get the entire night "off" and it makes a big difference in what we can accomplish after the boys go to bed. Even if all we accomplish is eating dinner and watching back-to-back episodes of "Mad Men". I'll take it.
For us, well, the pull-out couch continues to be our bed and we are trying to stay in our one bedroom as long as possible. We'll see how long we last but for now...I'm looking into the best foam mattress topper. It's either that...or a new couch. Let's try the cheaper option first.


Anonymous said...

Stacey and I do the whole "where should we move" winter talk as well. This year we got away for a couple weeks but instead of making winter more bearable, we've doubled our brainstorming efforts. Twomoremonths.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL and I'm going "only two months til it gets COLD" - I am crazy!

Whoop-whoop sounds like Connor - zero patience and a temper and LOUD!

you are braver than I am to actually put those pics on the blog - I take them because i think they're funny and then I don't have the heart to post them :)

you know my rule about sleep or anything baby really? you do whatever it takes to SURVIVE.

couch sleeping, baby on the boob, whatever :)

I SO look forward to your posts so thank you for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Wow walks in the winter - that's impressive! I suppose you do what you have to do for sake of sanity!

I'm waiting for the time when we get the "night off" with these two -- one can always hope, right?!

Next in Line said...

I can tell Whoop Whoop does that often. He has especially strong looking arms, probably from all that waving around.

Stroller naps are not so fun in the winter, but here's to making it work.

I hope you get some more rest soon.

2girlsandtheirfamily said...

If you are looking to get out of that 1BR, the house next door to us is going on the market! Not only is the back yard huge, but it also connects to ours! :)