Sunday, January 30, 2011

(Almost) Walk a Baby

I was reading somewhere recently that kids who walk early are high risk takers and kids who walk later are not.
Can't say for sure if it's true or not, but for my little bear cub kids, I'd say that's about right!

Grunter has been 'practice stepping' back and forth over the thresh hold of the playzone for a month or so and of course they have both been cruising around since they were 9-10 months old.
A couple of weeks ago, Grunter started standing on his own--just for a second or so and then plop! Whoop Whoop was only a day or two behind him.

The day before his first birthday, Whoop Whoop discovered that he can walk behind a wooden push toy and he is SO proud of himself (and oh how cute!), but Grunter isn't really interested.
On Thursday night, Grunter took his first step! It was a shaky millisecond step, but there it was! And it's been happening every day since.
This morning....Grunter went from a sitting/kneeling position to standing all on his own! Oh my...I do believe that walking is right around the corner for this guy. I'm predicting the next couple of days.

They are both shaky and unsure on their feet. When I practice walking with Grunter he's like a drunken baby Frankenstein, but it's not going to stop him. He's ready to GO!

There's been a lot of talk in this house lately of backyards....we are seeing the walls close in on us and wondering what the future looks like. For now...only 2 more months until Spring and our city "backyards" will be ours again. Winter is the hardest part.

Below, Whoop Whoop tries walking for the first time!


Jackie said...

So cute!! Don't you love that "Look what I did!" look? I totally agree with the risk-taker comment. L was born ready to skydive (and even though I've done it, I'm pretty sure I don't want him doing it... sigh).

Also, we are SO ready for a backyard. We have a decent sized condo and a front yard in the city, but we're looking for more space (like a furnished basement!) and a real yard for him (and sibs) to run! Trading in city-living is *hard* tho!

SupersammyG said...

We so need a back yard. E is now walking like a crazy person. All day long she walks around the apt. I am dreaming of the days when we can go to our local park and she can wander around a field. Our newest find to get us out of the house is barnes and noble. We went yesterday and E just wandered up and down the long aisles. It was a dream. We spent some time in the children's area which also made her pretty happy but the ability to walk in a staight line was like heaven to her.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

YAYYY boys!

K did that standing and taking 3 - 5 steps for 4 months before walking properly - I think it's her more cautious personality. Then again, C also took a few steps for about 2 months before walking properly and he's very brave.

Anyway, I feel for you, cooped up in winter - it just about did my head in when we were on holiday and that was only a few days. So you're saying I should be grateful for the African sun and a big (untidy) backyard from all the rains we've been having?

P.S> when are you going to tell us how you celebrated their birthday?

Dean said...

Oh no! If that's the case I may have two risky little babies, who have been standing and walking along the couch since they turned 8 months! Not even 9 months old and they keep letting go and standing on their own, soon they will be climbing on everything.

K J and the kids said...

What I was told is that kids who are risk takers are more prone to do drugs and become druggies and alcoholics. Nice right.
Start pushing them down now.

Can't wait for spring. CAN'T WAIT !

Nicole said...

I walked at 9 months (before crawling) and other than sky diving once and jumping off a 40 foot cliff in Jamaica, my life has been pretty tame :-) It does indeed sound like a backyard will be good for everyone's sanity!

Dre said...

That is awesome! We called our kids the exact same thing: Drunken Frankenstein! Enjoy this new level of craziness!

MeAndBaby said...

Too cute! While I can't wait for that stage with my twins, I CAN wait because I'm not ready!

And I think even at 5 months I can tell who the risk taker is and who the cautious one is. Time will tell if I'm right.