Tuesday, January 15, 2008

San Francisco Bound

My company is really bad at planning. They wait until the last minute and then everyone runs around in a total panic trying to throw it all together. This is bad. This is stressful. This is not at all the way I live my life. I fear it’s the curse of non profits in general, but for the love of God, can you just think things out a little bit?

I’m a planner. My mom’s a planner. I love to research and make lists and research some more until I feel cross-eyed and then and only then do I feel like I can stop. You might also call it a bit obsessive.

We’ve just learned that our Director would like to have a weeklong team retreat in two weeks. In San Francisco. WTF? Hmmm? Do we not have lives? Could he really not give us a little bit more advance warning? I know in fact it’s been on his radar for a long time because he mentioned to me Oct. 30.

Seriously. That’s so many kinds of fuckedupness I can’t even tell you. It is nonprofit waste at its finest to buy last minute plane tickets for 22 people from NYC to SF, pay for our hotel, food, transportation and then a (this is an optional add on) couple of days skiing in South Lake Tahoe after the 3-day retreat. There are 3 people in SF, why don't they come here?

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