Saturday, January 12, 2008

FSH #2

Tomorrow is Day 3 of my cycle and that means I get to spend my Sunday morning (between 7-9am) sitting in a fertility center waiting room. I can't think of better times.

But seriously, I'm trying to be really positive about it. There are lots of things to be positive about and I have decided to go that route rather than focus on how bloody early and cold it is.

I'm dragging K with me by tempting her with this great brunch place we've always wanted to try in the neighborhood. We've never made it there b/c by the time we get up there, they have a line 20 deep and a wait of up to 2 hours. Welcome to New York City some might say. I say, no thanks. But I figure since we'll be there by 9am (or before!) we should have no problems getting in.

I have a strategy for weekend doctor's visits:

  • Get up early enough to walk to the Clinic. I hate being late and I hate rushing. It gets me all worked up and stressed out.
  • Go have a great breakfast afterwards
  • See a movie. That's right, the movie theater nearby shows the first show of every weekend at a discount price ($6!). I never knew this. I think I'll see a movie every weekend even if I don't have to go to the Clinic.

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