Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get Your ThaiDom Milk On

OK, so many of you contacted me about where to get the milk drugs, that I'm just going to go ahead and post it here. It's not illegal and it's not anything you can't find on the internet just like I did, but I'm going to save you the time and energy.
Go to click remedy dot com (no spaces obviously).
Do a search for Domperidone. This drug is also called Motilium. Select your quantity.
The suggested dosage is (3) 10 mg tabs, 3xday. So add up 9 pills a day x the days you need to get your total amount.
Fill out the form.
You will get an (g) email response by a Thai man (Sasito.rn) and also a PayPa.l request.
Email the Thai guy back to confirm and then the order to pay will be sent.
Pay through PayPa.l
He will ship it out the next day and it comes via airmail within 7-10 days. So, about 2 weeks maximum.
IF you need it quickly, there is a surcharge of $30-$40 depending on the amount you order. Otherwise, the shipping charge is included in the total, no hidden fees.
When you receive it, there will be a nice gift wrapped package inside the envelope. It's very cute to open it like a present with pretty paper:)

And there you have it. Easy as can be.

I hope it works for you. It has almost doubled my milk supply--but I have to keep up with the pumping. This pill isn't complete magic and it doesn't have the same results for everyone. Chicken still takes it and she can fluff, but she can't do a full feed.
Good Luck!


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Expectant Duck said...

Dom is available in canada and I take it to induce lactation, just like chicken, but I take 4 pills 3 times a day.

joven said...

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Laurie said...

Thanks - my order has been placed!