Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ghetto Span.x, Solids are Yummy and Hot Pride

Wonder what kind of hits I'll get with that title?

We had a really busy weekend. First off was the wedding on Friday night, our first 'real' night out since the boys were born.
Yeah, Nana watched them twice when we rushed to dinner in Buenos Aires, but it wasn't the same, because Nana was driven to drink and had them watching TV all night (don't even get me started because we told them they weren't allowed...) and could never get them to sleep (gee, I wonder why...I'm sure the TV didn't stimulate them or anything!). These are not children who need extra stimulation!

Where was I? Right! We have someone we can trust now and besides, we did the hard part--getting them to sleep. All she had to do was watch TV all night and be there if something goes wrong. Our Nanny needs a blog name and I'm tempted to call her "Hot Nanny" but if I do that I'll slip IRL one of these days and that would be embarrassing.
She reminds me of a butterfly, so I'm going to call her Mariposa and shorten that to Mari.

I had this dress all picked out to wear and at the last minute decided on another little black dress. However, upon further full-length mirror inspection, I discovered that while things are 'fitting' other er, things are not quite up to par with where I left them pre-preggo. What's a girl to do? That's what span.x are for! But I don't have any and the wedding is that day and I don't have time to go shopping and besides I'm not spending $40+ on some fancy underwear for ONE night. So, (and Next in Line, you're gonna love this one....) I dug out a pair of old panty hose from Chicken's drawer (go figure) and cut the hose part off leaving me with something resembling a very thin pair of bike shorts.
They were PERFECT! Held my tummy in and my ass up! Nice and they were free!! And that's how Ghetto Span.x were born.
However, what I found out is that the size of my new 'girls' got a whole lot of attention and I found out what's it's like to be chest-talked to. Interesting.

I only texted Mari once from the wedding, so I'd have to say all in all a good night of not freaking out that you have left your kids with an (almost) total stranger.
We had a great night out and it was so refreshing to be around all of our friends who weren't over at our house while I baby wrangle and breast feed and pump AND try to catch up.
The wedding was gorgeous, the 21st floor of a penthouse with all glass windows and a wrap around deck. It was a beautiful breezy night and our friends getting married were absolutely lovely. Fantastic.
We decided the boys are ready for solids, so on Saturday morning we started out with rice cereal mixed with breast milk. It seemed like the seats would be a good place to feed them, but um, not so much. They are still not sitting up well and often end up slumping right away. I think it was all too much!
It started off well enough...
What the hell is this stuff??
I no likey! I no likey! Stop torturing me!

That night we tried it again in their bouncy seats and it went much, much better! We'll keep at this for a few more days and then maybe try a fruit or veg. By the next day, they were grabbing at the spoon and opening their mouths so they really seemed to get what was going on. It's so cute, but so messy!!
Take Two. Next time in the bouncy seats...going much better!
Hey! I do like this stuff! Yummy!

Gimme Gimme!

Sunday was Gay Pride here in the Big Apple and we had plans to meet these fine ladies and their twins. It was HOT and while we wilted on a street corner and our babies got fussier and hotter, I happened to turn around and spied....a bank. A bank with all glass windows with the same damn view we had outside! So in we went and wow was that the best idea EVER. We had A/C and a place to sit, breast feed, change diapers, you name it. I don't think any of us would've lasted much longer outside and it was so much fun to catch up with our friends and their daughters.
Grunter. I just can't stop kissing these kids.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I've got a post detailing our sleep training coming, but I wanted to give it a week first, so I'll post it in a couple of days. But it's going...very well. And I feel so much better hearing everyone's supportive comments.
Now, I'm off to bed!


Expectant Duck said...

Love the photos! NExt weekend is pride here and I'm so looking forward to taking the twins down to the parade.

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

So glad you both were able to get out and enjoy some adult conversation... without pumping and baby wrangling!

We also fed our boys in the bouncy and then the bumbo seats, I was so excited to start solids but its so much messier and takes longer than bottle/breastfeeding. Between milk and solids it feels like they are ALWAYS eating! Ah the life of a baby.

Next in Line said...

You are right,I love your Ghetto Span.x invention! I just might use it one day.

You two look fab all dressed up. How great to have a night out.

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

You should market your ghetto span.x idea! The pics are way too cute. I love the one in the bouncy seats ("hey, what about me?").

glamcookie said...

You crack me up, Mama. Your boys are adorable and you look GREAT! So glad you were able to have a nice night out. We have yet to do that...

mamaandmummy said...

Oh my gosh, they are getting so big already! I love the feeding pictures--good call on the bouncy seats. I'm glad they're getting into food, that should take a load off of you, even if it's just a small one at first. :)

Nicole said...

Hey! Just saw your comment about meeting up. Would love to try that. My email is Lemme know.