Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Queen Bees and Their Worker Bees
As an adult, I have had the lamest Halloween costumes.  Chicken and I are usually too cheap and too lazy to do the holiday right.
Last year, I made sure the boys had adorable costumes for their first Halloween, but we didn't bother to dress up at all.  When I saw how many other parents were dressed up with their kids, I vowed to do things differently!  

This year, by the beginning of September, I knew what we were going to be and had everything ordered. Go me!
We had so much fun out with the boys (even if they don't look so thrilled--they were a little overwhelmed!) and went to a couple of parties Friday and Sunday.

Monday evening we took the boys trick or treating for the first time. In true NYC style, we hit 4 bars, a nail salon, a Chinese massage parlor (where they took many photos of us), a Mexican grocery, a coffee shop, 2 restaurants and a pizza joint. 
When we got home I taught them the true spirit of Halloween: Mommy gets the good stuff and the crappy stuff goes to the trick or treaters now knocking on our door! (Bonus: no candy to buy!)
Our baby bees then happily handed out all of their candy and went to bed--which never would've happened if they'd actually eaten any of the candy--and we ate the snickers.

This morning when we were getting ready to go out they were both asking for "Bee Bee".  After 3 days of playing dress up, how do you explain it's all over?!

Can't wait til next year...I've already got some ideas brewing....


Next in Line said...

Love the Bee family costumes! Fab idea.

Anonymous said...

So so so cute! I had no idea that's how T-o-ting went in NYC, so funny. I can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

Hanen said...

Such a gorgeous photo of the four of you! Love the bee costumes - super cute!

Anonymous said...

That is such an awesome idea about re-handing out the candy! Too bad our son is 16 and therefore too old to go trick or treating:(

anofferingoflove said...

love the costumes! ya'll look great! :)

Love Invents Us said...

That picture made my day! LOVE the costumes.

Pomegranate said...

we were a bee family, too, but i think you guys might be rockin it better than we were.