Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tea Time

Every morning the boys watch with great interest as we make ourselves a very elaborate double shot latte.*
When I'm done steaming my milk and dusting it with cinnamon, they get to dip a finger in and taste.
They know these little cups are special because the mommies use them.

So, for the last week, we've started evening "tea time".
After dinner, we bring out the cups with 'tea' (water) and practice drinking. I don't care if the get themselves and everything wet because it's the end of the day anyway.

Grunter got the hang of it quickly but W2 feels the need to tongue everything. Needs work.

Eventually they will get it. I'd love to travel without any special cups, spoons, etc. It's possible in 4 months, right? We won't have a D/W and in the humid conditions...those straws...could be pretty yucky.

When did you transition to only an open cup? How long did it take?

**Before I was pregnant a very bitter woman told us to sell our espresso machine because once we had a baby we would never have the time to make 'fancy' coffee again. Well, we have made them for 21 months. Our love of good espresso is that strong.**

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Anonymous said...

We've never used sippy or straw cups at meals--only open cups. So at 18 months our guy has been drinking from open cups as the standard for almost a year. That said, it's only been recently (the past 3 months) that he has been able to hold them himself. And, we DO have to be careful about making sure that he's not going to pour his water into his dinner plate--fun.

Anonymous said...

i actually bought an espresso machine after the wigglers were born. And i use it almost daily! Good luck with the cups - we are in the midst of the bottle to sippy cup transition over here.

Strawberry said...

Daycare began using open cups in the young toddler room (around 16-18 months). We continued using straw cups at home and most of the time still do. But that practice at daycare definitely increased his agility with an open cup and he's been able to do it well enough since the early 20 months. Now seems like a good time to practice with your boys.