Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just in the last week or so, Grunter's speech has been making leaps and bounds.  W2 seems to be taking it all in and will say something (or try) if you ask/prompt him, but he is not as verbal as Grunter (even though he started off being more so).
Being able to pet the cat is their goal of the day.  I swear we lift them out of the crib and they chime "cat!" We have a rather shy and skittish cat who is not too keen on letting them near.  Lately the boys (especially Grunter) have learned to be quiet, calm, gentle and slow and then....maybe.....he can get near enough the cat for a quick stroke of fur.
This past weekend, while I was sick in bed most of the day, the cat was laying on me when Grunter came to nurse.  He approached very slowly and the cat let him not only pet, but HUG him.  While his head was resting on the cat's belly, I asked him if he heard the noise the cat was making?  He smiled and said 'Si' (they don't say 'yes') and I said, he's purring.  He makes that sound because he's happy.  
Clear as a bell Grunter said "Happy!" and his whole face lit up with a smile.
Now he goes about his day and randomly will tell us he's happy.  Today I saw him 'clapping' the hands of one of his dolls and saying "happy!"

Tonight as I was leaving their bedroom Grunter yelled out "Mommy".  He has only started calling me Mommy and Chicken Mama in the past few weeks.  Something clicked and he knows which one of us gets which name.  Since that lightbulb went off--I hear Mommy! all day long.  This can be good and bad!
But it's usual for him to want me to come back just one more time....
He stood up in his crib and reached out to hug and kiss me in the darkness.  Then I asked W2 if he wanted to give me another hug and kiss goodnight.  He replied by moving his face over to the crib slats and making giggly kissy noises.  I responded by kneeling down and kissing them both through the crib slats which they think is hysterical (and it's beyond cute).
Then they both blew my kisses and sang out "ciao! night night!"

These are the moments that I live for.  During the first year, which was so very dark and difficult--these were the days I was waiting for.  Well worth the wait.


Hannah said...

so cute! i just wanted to add - i went to a spanish elementary school, and i have to say it was one of the best decisions my parents made for me. i am now fluent and am going into nursing and can't imagine how great it will be for me. good luck with teaching them!

Anonymous said...

So lovely! There's something so *wonderful* about a child saying s/he is happy. Oh how I love this. Love this post. :)

mama j said...

Seriously adorable. I can't wait to experience moments like those myself.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW this is so darn adorable I can't stand it :)

I love how he tells you he's happy.

Kendra said to D this morning, "Daddy feeling a little sick? Kendra give Daddy hug"

I melted!