Monday, February 4, 2013

Update #2 on Travel Lifestyle Goals

Hello, Mr. Crab, pleased to meet you

It's been so long since I've posted I hardly know where to start, so I'm just going to dive in with it.
Back in September--I can hardly believe it's already five months ago--I blogged about our travel lifestyle goals here.

So, I might as well start with some updates.  Let's go!

 Just another sunset in Ko Phayam

My friend, a former Hell's Angel.  We made an unlikely duo.

Financial Goals:

Accumulate enough frequent flier miles for

us all to fly free round-trip NYC-Bangkok -- 100%
  • In Sept. this goal was met with the caveat that two of us would be flying on American Airlines and two of us would be on Delta Airlines.
  • As of Feb. 2013, we have enough American Airlines/partner miles for ALL FOUR of us to fly for free round trip.  Originally, we wanted to fly Cathay Pacific, but it looks like we'll be aiming for Japan Airlines though Tokyo. 

Earn an 'adequate' amount of Starwood/Marriott/Hyatt/Hilton hotel points to 'cushion' our stay from time to time when we need a break -- 100%
  • We continue to accumulate points, almost exclusively through Starwood.  Our goal was to use our American Airlines Visa card until our airlines miles goals were met, then to switch over to our Starwood AmEx card so we could keep working on the hotel points.
  • As of Feb. 2013, we have enough Starwood points for a 2 week vacation here over Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • Or we could divvy up the points for different stays along the way.  For instance, they also have some nice properties in Vietnam.  We plan to spend one month in Vietnam, so staying somewhere like this along the way would be a welcome change from guesthouses.
  • Regardless, we still have 8 months of spending to accumulate points plus Chicken is doing loads of travel for her job presently, so those miles and points are going to keep adding up.
Reserve savings to sustain us for 6 months upon return -- 100%

Save enough money to travel for one year without working -- 100%
  • In September, this was 65%, but the goal has now been met!
A roll of toilet paper for a napkin dispenser?  In South East Asia, yes, yes, yes.

Personal Goals:

Develop a location independent income stream -- 0% - 100%

  • This is something I've really dropped the ball on getting started.  There have been some good changes lately that is going to make it possible for ME to start getting more 'work' done.  I'm looking forward to doing something for ME!
  • Kate has leads from past employers for project work she can do remotely.  So, for her, perhaps this goal is 100%.
Potty Train the boys (except for nights) -- 100%

  • Fully daytime trained for the past 6 months.
  • If we still have to use diapers at night while we travel I am totally fine with this, especially since we'll be sleeping on mattresses and linens other than our own...
  • Many times Grunter wakes up dry, so we could get there in 8 months time, right?

Switch boys to 'real' beds --
  • This was a disaster at last update.  But we made it and they can now sleep anywhere.  We've even had different people put them to bed (family members, baby sitters) and all is well in the kingdom of sleep.  Yeah!
Go Stroller-Free -- 100%

  • They are good little walkers and can go quite far before getting truly tired.  As long as I keep pushing us to not use the stroller here at home, I'm confident they can build up their stamina to keep up while traveling.  Especially since we're not going to be doing long walks/hikes, etc.  
  • Plus there will always be a bus / motorbike / tuk tuk / songtaew / taxi / boat / skytrain / back of a pick up truck / ferry / donkey cart / elephant / subway -- just around the corner to rescue us!  Did I miss any forms of transport?!
  • I was set on ditching the stroller on their 3rd birthday (2 weeks ago), but I'm not going to until summertime/warmer weather.  In NYC, your stroller is your car and right now, until it's scooter weather, I need my 'car' more than they do.  Half the time, they end up walking while I push an empty stroller.
  • Instead of ditching the stroller, I emptied it, folded it up and and am storing it down in our bike room.  This way, if we need it that day, we go get it, but if not, we walk, etc.  This also means that for the first time in THREE years, I don't have a massive double stroller sitting in my dining room area!  That, is lovely.

No Naps Needed -- 100%
  • In September this was 40%, but shortly after the move to 'big boy' beds, they dropped the nap completely.  They have never napped in their open bed.  Never. They can fall asleep on the bus, the subway, the stroller, the car, etc. but the bed, at home?  Never.
My friend in the cafe, who comes to work from Burma during the high season


Marcia (123 blog) said...

My friend, I'm 1 part jealous and 9 parts super excited for you :)

Please please please can you tell us more about HOW you do these things. Or else just email me if it's not blogfodderworthy :)

K J and the kids said...

What you have accomplished in 5 months amazes me.
So excited to hear more.

Next in Line said...

You are so focused and ready! I love it. You have worked hard for this. I just have this sneaky feeling you won't need money for when you return and that you will keep going:)