Wednesday, March 5, 2008

$12,000 Worth of Sperm

Oh My God. We finally chose "Seth the Architect". No, his name is not Seth, but he is an architect and after K referring to everyone by their height I started giving all of the donors names that corresponded with something in their life. Works for me. I would die if I found out his name was actually Seth. I don’t even particularly like the name Seth, so again, it just popped into my head for no reason whatsoever.

Now that we have finally decided that this is the one, we’re buying 20 vials.

Providing we try two times / cycle and that we use Seth for K and myself, that only gives us five tries each.

We’ll ship six vials (three months worth) to our VEFC and they will charge us $250 for six months storage.

The others we will leave at CA Cryo and after three months, if I’m not pregnant we’ll ship out monthly (we think) for $190 shipping / month.

Hopefully there will be some leftover to get K pregnant in a couple of years...that's the plan and we really would like both children to have the same donor.

CA Cryo will store for free for one year and they will also buy back unused vials for ½ price.

Also, if we decide Seth is no longer working out for us and we want to switcheroo, we can do so for $150 providing they never leave the facility.

I cannot believe that each vial is $595 each.

Oh, that 12K? Does NOT include shipping or storage fees!!!

I’m dying right now.

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