Friday, March 28, 2008

Eating Your Way Through New Orleans While Waiting to Find Out if You're Pregnant

K loves food.  She's Italian, the whole family is talking about what is for dinner while they are still eating breakfast.  When we got together eight years ago, I thought I appreciated food, but lo, I did not.  
After eight solid years of talking about food, planning meals, cooking, baking, shopping, and eating I can say that I now enjoy good food more than I ever thought possible.
I also work out more than ever before because while I enjoy a great dinner I also want to fit in my clothes and quite frankly after saving all my money for baby-making, I can't afford a new wardrobe!

So what do we have planned for NoLa?  Not drinking!  Just eating, listening to good music, seeing the city and meeting a new friend that I'll be working with planning my org's summit next year in NoLa, Jan. 2009.  This will be my third trip to NoLa, but the first time with K and free time to enjoy it while not working.

Since food is the most important thing to K, I wanted to make sure that we ate well and have made all reservations accordingly--with the help of Chowhound--and I can't wait to enjoy some New Orleans cookin'! 
We are staying at the Iberville Suites inside the Ritz Carlton French Quarter.  It's a hidden secret and one that I highly recommend.
Restaurants lined up are Dick and Jenny's, Brigtsen's, Stella!, Commander's Palace and of course some random place for a po'boy, crawfish if possible.

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Anonymous said...

hey! Thanks so much for your comment and leading me to your blog! I LOVE New Orleans and I can't think of a better way to spend the TWW!