Saturday, March 8, 2008

Operation Sperm-$7,000 Mission Accomplished

The missing paperwork was a blessing in disguise and potentially saved us $5,000 as I ended up buying 12 vials, not 20.
AND, I found out the vials are $565, not $595--not a huge difference but I'll take the $360 in savings.

I talked to a few other women, did some more research and decided that since I am going to be having ultrasounds AND doing a trigger shot to time my ovulation, I am OK with only doing one vial/one insemination per month.
I have full confidence that Dr. VID knows exactly what he's doing. He told me if I want two, he'll do two, but he's fine doing only one.

I've had this feeling since walking into the VEFC a couple of months ago that I would be getting pregnant in May. So, I decided to go with that and only ship enough to see me through May.

When it came time to fax in all of the papers and make the transaction--I found myself stalling. Frantically I started searching on other sperm donor sites looking at other profiles to assure myself that we were making the right decision. I like Seth, I really do! But maybe there's someone even better....

Has anyone else been down to the wire and found themselves doing this??

Finally I called K, took a deep breath and just faxed them in. There. DONE.

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