Thursday, June 26, 2008

Caffeine is a Drug and I Really Like It

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments.  It's nice to know that you're all out there like an invisible security blanket.  I can't imagine going through all of this without blogging about it.  Thank you Thank you!

So what do you do with yourself after your 4th BFN?
  • Leave work early
  • Go shoe shopping (buy nothing)
  • Salivate over hiking and camping gear at Paragon (but buy nothing)
  • Vow to buy as many Merrell shoes as possible (but not today)
  • Devour Scuba Diving magazine and travel guidebooks to Bali at Union Square's Barnes and Noble (why would I buy it when I can read it for free there?)
  • Do Yoga
  • Eat Thai food
  • Get Dessert (mango and sticky rice! YUM!)
  • Stay up too late reading
What do you do the next day?
  • Work from home
  • Sleep late instead of working
  • Wake up and make a double espresso latte
  • Get super wired
  • Actually decide to get a little work done
  • Find yourself researching IVF options in Thailand
  • Decide this clinic is a excellent option for the future at a fraction of the cost in the USA
  • Wonder if you should just go now
  • Drop off dry cleaning
  • Meet friend for Sushi (yah raw fish!)
  • Take new jeans to tailor
  • Pick up shoes from cobbler
  • Go to drugstore
  • Pay rent
  • Download music
  • Email RE 
  • Shop for sperm
  • Do two loads of laundry
  • Pick up vegetable share from farm co-op
  • Go to Pilates
  • Get a pedicure
  • Read on the couch eating leftover Thai food from last night
  • Realize that while mango lasts a day, alas coconut sticky rice does not.  
  • Vow to just eat it all next time.
  • Think about going to beach tomorrow instead of working....
Sorry if that bored you, but damn it was a productive day!
Thank you caffeine.  I may even break my rule and have you again tomorrow.  Maybe not.


Anonymous said...

it sounds like you had a SPLENDID day!

giggleblue said...

you know that coffee gave you a headache!

now about this RE in thailand: i'm a little concerned about the fact that they have not responded to any questions submitted on their website. none the less, they may be too busy making babies.

that being said, i think if you are in the area, by all means, give them a whirl. after all, accomidations are included, and food can't be that expensive there.

enjoy your time away from work!

Anonymous said...

You covered so many of my favourite things in this post... Thai food, mango, B&N at Union Square, Thailand, dessert, Merrell shoes, yoga, music, sperm, espresso, and working from home.

Might be the perfect BFN and post-BFN days. If I ever have a stupid BFN again, I'll copy you even if it does involve a flight to NYC to visit my favourite B&N.

Shelley said...

So sorry to hear about the BFN. I know the feeling...

If you haven't bought new sperm yet, I would be happy to chat w/ you about the pros and cons.

Are you going to the march on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Grr, it just ate my comment. I was just saying that I'm really productive on caffeine too. Also that I never thought about going to Thailand for IVF. The clinic looks like it definitely caters to americans - they've got a very white baby on their home page!

Heather said...

geeze you did a lot!

giggleblue said...

umm - i had a question for you regarding insurance. i think we have the same insurance plan. but i had some questions for you regarding the whole RE thing and infertility workups. can you please email me at


Malea said...

Don't give up ladies. Do what ever you have to to keep your spirits up until the spirits smile on you:)

Shopping is the cure all for everything,but getting away on a camping trip is priceless.Even if it's just in central park(lol)