Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pride (in the Name of Vegetables)

That’s a U2 reference I couldn’t resist.

So, we DID go to the Dyke march, the sun came out and we rallied and as soon as the march started the skies opened and within 10 blocks my white pants were ruined and most of the marchers were huddled under scaffolding—which fortunately in this case lines many sidewalks of NYC.

Calling it an “A for Effort”, we hopped on a bus home, ordered sushi for dinner and watched a documentary on education in the Baltimore school system (which sparked a serious discussion on adoption) and went to bed. It was a CRAZY night (ha ha).

After yoga on Sunday, we had every intention to go to the parade and join in some festivities, but a relative showed up at the last minute for brunch and took priority. By the time we could go, the skies had opened again and we said forget it.

We spent the rest of the day cooking new recipes using all of our vegetables from our co-op farm share (swiss chard, peas, garlic scapes, beets, kale, lettuce) making a healthy, huge dinner:

  • Sautéed garlic scapes, beet greens, swiss chard
  • Risotto w/ parmesan and fresh peas
  • Roasted beets chilled and served w/ a vinaigrette
  • Chicken breast sautéed w/ white white and herbs
  • Strawberry shortcake made from Mrs. Wilkes Boardinghouse cookbook.


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C&H said...

Gee, sounds like we sent all our rain your way...but, hey, look at it this way, it was the perfect weather for hanging indoors. :)

P.S. Dinner sounds fabulous!