Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Excercise and IUI's

What have you all been told concerning this topic?
I’ve read/heard so much conflicting information that I just don’t know what to believe.
My RE said I could do anything during the TWW except the usual no no’s (horseback riding, tennis, basketball, dangerous type of sports). My acupuncturist said that I shouldn’t be doing any yoga, pilates or running for at least the first week.

The TWW is hard enough but not being able to do my usual workout routine makes me even more stressed out. I need (at least) my yoga class more than ever right now!
I’ve continued walking, stretching and weights, but everything else I’ve held off.

So tell me, what do you stop doing during the TWW as far as gym/exercise/working out? I’m curious to know…


Tui said...

Yeah, we've heard different stories too! We were told by our clinic that the reason to avoid too much sports/excercise was not just to avoid being hit/knocked about but also to avoid a big increase in your internal body temp.

K is a high school PE teacher so does a lot of excercise and playing games with her kids. To start with, she avoided everything that would raise her body temp but as time's gone on we've gotten a lot more relaxed about it.

Now she just cuts out some obvious things like mountain biking but with the others she still does them but takes it easy and tries not to get quite so competitive with her kids (lol easier said than done).

Of course once we get a BFP things will change again, but for now it was just too stressful not to do them which we figured wasn't a good frame of mind for TTC (she's a very hands on teacher which is one of the reasons her kids love her and she worries HUGELY about not being able to give them 150% like she usually does).

C&H said...

That's a tough one...I've been struggling with the same thing. I've been told to cut out yoga/running, which is just depressing! I've also been told that I can continue doing what I've been doing (running/yoga) as long as I take it easy (would someone please define easy?). Basically, if you're body is accustom to whatever exercise you've been doing, it should be safe to continue (or so says my RE) within reason. However, I have been unable to get her or anyone else to agree to Bikram, which I can understand. BUT, I miss it terribly and C and I are cranky without it! TWW is when I need it the most. Marathons/Tri’s are also out of the question…WHATEVER!

Anyhoo, I made an agreement with C that I can continue running, but I have to keep my heart rate below 145. So far that’s been working out okay and I’ve logged 12 miles this week already, but C has been watching me like a hawk and will come to a dead stop and head home if I “disobey”. Sigh. ;)

indigoscot said...

well, if you think about it, how many "normal" people get pregnant and don't know and continue doing their usual stuff?? i was told the same thing but still did a little yoga (stretching mostly) and daily walks. our son is 10 months old! :)

LKC said...

During both my TWW I continued running, working out, etc. and both times we were successful and I was pregnant (lost the first in a miscarriage). I'm now 15 weeks and I have continued to work out and run - just finished at the gym a bit ago. My OB continues to tell me how robust pregnancies are and that it is just fine to keep doing what I'm doing. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

dammit, i lost my last comment but the gist of it was, do what you always been doing and don't stress about it.

and NO TESTING. tww buddy, WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Laurie said...

During my TWW, I was laid up with OHSS and did absolutely nothing! But, even if I was up and about, I think I'd keep it light. Maybe you can try other relaxation techniques? Breathing exercises? Massage?

Rachel said...

I really think you need to balance your comfort/stress with exercise/the guilt of knowing that you might have in some slight way decreased your chance of success. My RE told me to watch that my heart rate did not go above 140, but when I went to the gym and tried a few heart rate monitors I was very pleased to discover that never happens to me (I'm a slow and steady exerciser, nothing too intense). I might avoid running for a bit, but I can't imagine anything wrong with yoga. Do you have access to a pool? That's very low impact and might give you something new to do during the 2ww.

vee said...

Well, I gave up everything - but then, I was just looking for an excuse to park my fat lazy ass on the sofa!

I've been told that taking up new exercise is a no-no, but one's normal routine should be ok, provided you avoid raising the core body temperature too much. Whatever keeps you sane I think.