Wednesday, July 15, 2009

8 wks 2 days, OBGYN Ultrasound

I still can't believe I'm now over 8 weeks pregnant--with TWINS. But, today I had my first OBGYN appt and lo and behold, there they were!
They are both measuring exact to the date and the heartbeats are right on target.
Chicklet (on the left) even gave me a little wiggly dance while we were watching! OMG, there are babies growing inside me. Plural. That is so weird. Wonderful and awesome and crazy and weird. The photos just look like little space aliens hanging out but she assured me they are babies!
Although I'd finally found a great midwife, I cancelled that appointment once we confirmed twins. I went back to my old OBGYN practice...the one I went to long, long ago...before I started dropping my pants for more money.
I love them, they come highly recommended and they have a midwife who works with them.
I'll be delivering at NYU which has one of the top NICU units in the country. There are only 8 top units and 3 of them are in NYC (Cornell and Columbia are the other two), so I know that while I'm not going to have my waterbirth/midwife/low intervention birthplan, I am in excellent hands and I've got a lot of experts that will be working with me and making sure Chicklet and Shadow Boxer get into this world safely. Hopefully we won't need the NICU, but odds are greater that we will.

The appointment was great. I never felt rushed and they are so pro-lesbian preggos it's really awesome.
The downer was that once again--Chicken couldn't be there. But, in true Chicken fashion, she's making it up to me BIG TIME.
I'm flying to Miami bright and early Friday morning to meet Chicken on South Beach and we'll have a great 3-day "Puffer is Pregnant" weekend. She had hotel points that were going to expire and a free flight courtesy of her company, so all in all it's a pretty frugal weekend. It sucks that she works out of town M-Th, but then there are the awesome perks of this job like free weekend getaways that make it not quite so sucky...
I've been feeling pretty darn good all things considered so I hope my streak of luck continues through the weekend and I really get to enjoy some Latin Flavor with my babe and babies.
Holy Shit. TWINS.
Still in shock, yes I am.


Chicken said...

Yay chicklet and shadow boxer! I'm sorry I couldn't be there live, but the pictures are great. Can't wait to see the puffer in Miami!

Next in Line said...

I think the shock will wear off and become something else. I feel like I live in some kind of crazy denial about how much my life will change and I am only having one! Have a great weekend with Chicken.

Inlocoparentis said...

Love those great u/s pics! So happy for you - enjoy your weekend in South Beach!

thebao said...

Yay for great pics, great care, and great weekend plans! Sounds like everything is going fabulously for the four of you. Have a great time in Miami!

Anonymous said...

They look great! I'm still is shock you are having twins too. Hooray!

I totally get the suckage of having your love working out of town but at least there are some perks right? Miami will be amazing I am green with envy.

I'm glad you found the perfect doc, one less thing to worry about as you get ready for the babies.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that this sort of shock will last quite a long time! I'm so excited for you two, and it sounds like you've got a great doctor.

Mina said...

Awww!!! Congrats on the twins!!! That is absolutely fantastic! Yayy!

chicklet said...

Exactly. Holy SHIT. TWINS!!! Wahoo!