Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekend Update at 8 Weeks

Thanks so much for all of your helpful comments on my last post. Week 7 was HARD. But, I think I might have made it sound as if I wasn't eating--but I am. I was just having a hard time eating and finding anything that sounded appealing.
Regardless, I have continued to make myself eat. I know a lot of people lost weight during the first trimester--but I really can't do that. I started this cycle at a very low weight (it's my normal weight--but it doesn't leave any room to lose pounds) and I do need to gain.
To my great surprise, I have! I didn't think I possibly could with the measly amounts I've been eating, but I've managed to gain 3 pounds since the June 6th transfer. I'm good with that.

Saturday, Chicken and I were supposed to go out to a Global Music Festival in Brooklyn, but I failed to leave the house all day because I felt exactly like I was suffering from a crappy hangover minus the good times the night before.
We'd also planned on going to this lady's Housewarming Garden Party, but failed to make it there either.
Finally out of nowhere, I declared I wanted to walk to Shake Shack and eat a burger and fries. I couldn't believe it myself as I hadn't been craving anything in over a week.
Although waiting in line for an hour for a burger on a Saturday night was not on Chicken's weekend itinerary, she indulged the crazy pregnant lady and I shocked myself by eating my meal and enjoying it. It was so awesome to enjoy a meal again!

Sunday we had a really big day planned and I was more than a little bit nervous that I would have to cancel on our friends based on how I'd been feeling. But I gave myself pep talks all morning and we got out of the house and on the train without incident. It ended up being the best day I'd had in weeks both in terms of energy (no nap!) and food (no aversions!).
We met our friends in Maplewood and spent half the day at the pool, where we ran into other friends and their triplets, and then went to a local music festival.

This NJ suburb is gay, gay, gay friendly and full of families with young children. It's kind of a perfect place to raise a family and we'd been tossing around the idea of buying a house out there ourselves. This was our first trip out there since finding out we were not only definitely pregnant, but with twins. We thought it would be a good test to figure out if this was 'the kind of place' for us. We have to move in December one way or another...
But in the end, our number one choice, Brooklyn, still came calling loud and clear. We're just not cut out for the suburbs--at least not yet!
We are both city girls and are really looking forward to "Brooklyn, Baby, 2010!"

Overall, it ended up being a great weekend with the Chicken and I hope that I continue to feel better this week.
I have done a crap job at keeping up and commenting on everyone's blogs lately, but I hope I have some more energy for that soon.


Next in Line said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better and enjoyed a whole hamburger and fries. I have noticed that is hard to predict when tiredness or ick will set in. One day everything is good and the next day not.

Move as soon as you can! Moving while pregnant is not especially fun. I am also a city girl and would rather live in less space than the suburbs.

cindyhoo2 said...

Yay! Glad to hear that some food is actually sounding good at times and that you gained 3 pounds. Sounds like you are being quite the trooper.

Heidi said...

Yippeee for being hungry again :)

I shall be cheering Brookly, Baby, 2010!!!!

Gayby Rabies said...

I hope that you continue to feel better. Cheeseburger and fries is the perfect hangover food, so I suppose it makes sense that it would be a good morning sickness food too.

Keely said...

Yeah, Brooklyn! I was sorry you couldn't make it but glad that you are feeling better.

thebao said...

Yay for feeling better and for enjoying food again. Hope things continue in that direction!