Wednesday, July 1, 2009


That's my new name. You like?
I've always been a big burper, my two older brothers taught me at a young age (much to the dismay of my mother) how to belt them out with the best of the boys and let me tell you this talent has not gone unnoticed by Chicken. She is not a fan.

But the last couple of days...I'm burping more and more.
Could this be a bit of morning sickness coming on?
Me thinks so.

I've also noticed that if I wait too long to eat, I burp more and my stomach is a little peevish. Not nauseous, not vomitous, not gag inducing, just perturbed that I waited so long.
My biggest problem is that nothing really sounds good (nope, not even KFC!). Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Pre-pregnant, one of my biggest eating ordeals was figuring out what I was hungry for at any given meal. It's always great when Chicken is around because she always knows what she's hungry for and can make the decision. Suits me well.

Mostly, I'm trying to make sure I get enough protein. This guide is coming in really handy:

The other thing is that I generally feel great in the morning but the last two days, I notice my energy waning and my ickness factor growing after 4pm. So, I have to remember to make the most of every morning/early afternoon when I'm feeling my best. Evenings aren't shot but they certainly aren't as good.

When the morning sickness comes...and I fear it will...I'm armed and prepared for it.


Jen said...

I burped while reading this! I now burp ALL the time and even have to watch myself around company or at a restaurants. Yes, sorry as I am, it sounds like the evil ickies are coming and most of time, nothing sounds good to eat for me as well. Hang in there, I am told it passes, although at 13 weeks, I am still waiting.

Anonymous said...

I'm particularly burpy too and have been since the beginning. It's mildly amusing.

It certainly looks like you're ready for the mornng sickness to come!

Oh, and if you're wanting a good way to keep track of your nutrition (and you may already know about this) BabyFit is a great site that helps with tracking what you're consuming. I love it because it gives me graphs of my daily nutrients and helps me see when I'm on the right track with things like proteins, fats, and the like.

Keely said...

Great. Looks like I'll be eating a cup of peanut butter every day if I should be so lucky ;)

shindagrl said...

I had super-fantastic AMAZINGLY gross farts when I was pregnant with Elise. Kris' karmic debt finally came back to haunt (actually, suffocate) him. Good times!

This too shall pass (although yours is in a more socially-acceptable way than mine was!). ;)

Laurie said...

I'm laughing out loud at shindagrl's comment!! Lovely collection of nausea-fighters! The (only) thing that really helped me was jolly rancher hard candies.

thebao said...

tee hee! this thread is hilarious. good luck with the morning sickness--i hope it holds off a bit longer!

Anonymous said...

i love how prepared you are! :D

Gayby Rabies said...

That list sure is handy. You only have to eat 26 slices of bacon a day to get the protein you need!

Heidi said...

The fun burping was my favorite part of pregnancy. I love a good belch and was so thrilled that I had pregnancy as an excuse to do it all the time!!