Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Could You Forget or Not Know What Week?

Here's a question for those of you either currently pregnant or have been pregnant:

Did you remember what week you were in every week? Did you count in weeks? Was there ever a time you had no idea what week you were in?

Because I find this behavior baffling. Maybe it's because I'm a vet of IF or maybe it's because I'm a little obsessed or maybe it's because I have OB appointments every 2 weeks or maybe it's because I'm subscribed to like 5 different "here's what's going on this week in your pregnancy" sites or maybe it's because I'm a blogger.

BUT--seriously? You are pregnant and you don't know where in the pregnancy you are??

The SIL and cousin both had no clue what week they were in when I asked them at Thanksgiving. Is it because they had free sex and got pregnant and they just take it for granted that eventually the baby will pop out and everything's gonna be just hunky dory? Urgh.

It made me want to slap them. Just a little slap. But a slap all the same. Urgh. The bitterness. I hate it, but it just doesn't go away overnight.


K said...

Yup, I think it's a free sex thing. :-) I'd feel the urge to slap them, too.

I also get annoyed when people don't understand how the weeks are calculated (i.e. you're already "2 weeks pregnant" at conception) and they say things like "she's barely even pregnant, only a week or two!" Barf.

Carrie said...

I seriously wonder the same thing! my sister was baffled at how i knew I was 19 weeks when I saw her. LOL.

tui said...

Ha I'm not pregnant but was thinking exactly this the other day! We have a few pregnant ladies at work and two of them were saying last week that they really had no idea how long they were, and had to get the calendar out to figure it out.

Laurie said...

I'm with you! I ALWAYS know what week and day I'm at. Damn straight people and their free sex, lol.

Anonymous said...

I always knew what week, I think the more you have to plan for it the more you track every part of it, and, I think everyone is more aware when it is their first kid too. I imagine I would not be quite as obsessed with what is going on every week if I were lucky enough to have a second. We didn't have any IF issues, but being lesbians we still had to plan, and as much as I wanted kids, I felt like it was taking forever for us to be ready to start trying, so even with my incredible luck in getting pregnant easily, I counted every single day, and read every book and website I could wanting to savor every moment.
I get wanting to slap them, but remember, you are getting so much more out of this experience because of how much you think about what it is like to be where you are at this moment. My daughter is 2 1/2 and I think all the time about how my pregnancy was and remember how I felt at this week or that week. I can still tell you I was 19 weeks on Christmas, I was 12 weeks on my birthday, I was 17 weeks when I first felt her move, I was in the bath when I first saw those movements from the outside and yelled for my wife to come see. You'll have all those memories because you are savoring each moment and making them into memories to hold onto forever along with your wonderful babies.
Melissa in Durham

tiff said...

yeah, i would want to slap them too.

i definitely remember where i was at every stage of the pregnancy!

free sex. frig.

Jen said...

I'd slap them too! I think that is the main difference between easy hetero pregnancy and ttc! I know the week and the day! Oh well, makes us appreicate it more.

poppycat.wordpress.com said...

I don't get that either. Even when I lost the pregnancy i still knew what week i should have been in. I think you are right thought that there is a lot of naivete in pregnancies like theirs. I guess good for them that they get to experience it that way. I gaurantee you will never take your pregnancy or your babies for granted though and how lucky for you and your babes!

Anonymous said...

I love following your blog. I just had to comment on this, though. I had "free sex" and have four kids and ALWAYS knew the week I was in!! Wait til the babies arrive - I still counted in weeks!! My first baby I knew how many weeks she was for the whole first year! Someone asked me how old she was once and I said "13 weeks" and she looked at me like I was nuts! I think you are just excited! CONGRATS! And by the way, you look incredible!!

anofferingoflove said...

It's ok to go ahead and slap them. Blame it on the hormones, only we bloggers will know the truth! ;~)

I always knew the week AND day. Never took a single one of those days for granted.

Janice said...

Hah, I had free sex too but I did the IVF as well. I knew exactly what week and how many days i was during my whole pregnancy! All 41 weeks and 3 of it! I understand how you feel though, it made me crazy when everyone I knew said "umm, I think about 4 months or something?" like what the Edd is that about?! I know you're upset, I was too. Some people I know sneeze and they get pregnant so their lack of knowledge and understanding of how important a pregnancy is baffles me. Hang in there hun! 2 BEAUTIFUL babies are going to have 2 FABULOUS mommies who care a whole lot :)

Sydra said...

Funny, I guess I'm the only one. But after week 30, I got a little foggy. It was getting so long. I did lose track. And I did TTC and I am gay. And I blog.

So maybe they don't deserve a slap. Maybe they're just a little air-headed like yours truly.