Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Handy Secret

For the past two or more weeks I've been experiencing what is probably the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome. I haven't mentioned it because I wanted it to go away or at least get better. It's not getting better, it's getting worse.

Some of you may have noticed that comments from me on your blog have been sparse or non-existent. I'm sorry.
Most days I have to just prioritize the tasks to be done in my life and unfortunately, commenting is coming in at the bottom. I really hope everyone understands.

I have all of these baby shower thank you note's to write and holiday cards to design and then there's the everyday tasks like making myself food.
This morning I went to open my thyroid med lid and I couldn't do it. When I take the milk jug out of the fridge I wonder which day I'll drop it. I have to open a can of cat food and I want to scream. I went to cut my nails and realized that manicures and pedicures are in my future because to handle the clippers was just too painful (and I am not one to do the mani/pedi thing). I wanted ketchup on something and couldn't flip the top open.
Really, it sucks.

Please don't misunderstand me--I am so happy to be pregnant and wouldn't change a thing for this journey. BUT, it's getting to the point where it really is starting to get incredibly uncomfortable and no one can prepare you for the toll something like this starts to take on your body.
I have done everything I can this past week to 'take it easy' and just chill out. There have been days I haven't even bothered to leave the house and I'm OK with that, too because this past week the pressure on my pelvic bones and the ligaments is so intense that I don't want to go out walking.

Typing is painful, but not horrible and blogging and documenting this journey is incredibly important to me. I will try to comment, but if I don't please know that I'm still out here, reading along, cheering with you, shaking my fist at the universe of unfairness with you and breathing sighs of relief with you. I'm still here, I'm just falling apart a wee bit.

Tomorrow--OB appointment where hopefully my cervix is either the same....or better! I'm hoping for better!
And if anyone knows what I can do for my hands....please enlighten me. The only thing I have read is "it will go away after you give birth".


glamcookie said...

I have the carpal tunnel thing as well. I had to have someone open my new cereal for me this morning. Embarrassing! My OB said it will go away after you give birth, thank God. It is a very creepy feeling.

For the Long Haul said...

I would recommend buying one of those carpal tunnel splints at a pharmacy or drug store and start wearing it. Not to be a huge downer, but my carpal tunnel only got worse after giving birth (baby is 7 months old now and I can barely hold a pen...). The split DOES work and I would recommend wearing it now because it is damn hard to try and take care of a baby while wearing that thing. The reason mine is so bad is because I can't/don't wear the splint enough. Can't hold my daughter, wash my hands etc. while wearing it.

So my advice would be to buy a splint and wear it now before it gets bad. Good luck!

projectkjetil said...

I'm sorry that you're hurting. Have you tried wearing wrist braces at night? That's what M had to do, and they really helped.

Good luck, and take it easy. I'm thinking good loooooong cervix thoughts for you. (Gee that sounds dirty... it's not, I promise.)

Hanen said...

Ow - you poor thing! And poor hands! I can't offer any info or advice, only sympathy. Hope it eases up soon. xx

tireegal68 said...

You poor mama puffer! My DP has carpal tunnel and wears those wrist braces at night. I think you can wear them during the day too. You can get them at any pharmacy - they are called wrist braces as a pp said. Don't worry about posting - rest up. or comment with an icon! Take care- you are doing great. (((hugs)))

jessie said...

Definitely get yourself some of the wrist braces from the pharmacy and you can wear them when you're napping or overnight. I didn't get carpal tunnel until after I gave birth and now holland is 7 months and it's still lingering:(

N said...

I assume you've been trying things like the braces, etc, so I won't even go down that path, but man, I am sorry you're going through that. It sucks a lot. *hugs*

And, on my end at least, I'd rather see posts than comments, to know what's going on with you. :) Have you thought about getting one of those voice recognition things? I have a few friends with (non-pg) carpal tunnel who live by them.

Gayby Rabies said...

Damn. Sorry the carpal tunnel has gotten so bad. I hope that using braces and taking it easy prove helpful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for awesome cervix news at your next appointment!

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Ugh - that sounds terrible. Here's hoping it's temporary - you're gonna need both hands soon, Mamma!

Keely said...

I am sorry! I have heard that aucpuncture can be helpful. But I am sure rest is even better. Hope you feel better soon!

tbean said...

Ugh Puffer that SUCKS. It sounds so painful. I'm sorry you are suffering!

Hoping for cervical longness today!

insertmetaphor said...

I have a friend who has regular carpal tunnel (not preg related) and she's had great success with acupuncture and therapeutic massage. It might be worthwhile to try something like that because it sounds like you're in a ton of pain.

I hope it gets better!

amazingk8 said...

I thought I had pregnancy related carpal tunnel but instead had pregnancy related tendonitis (i forget what its called but it makes using scissors one of the most painful things ever). The carpal tunnel braces won't work if its this tendonitis because you need to immobilize the thumb. I was also given some stretches to do and advised to apply hot and cold 3 times a day (each). That said, at 10 months post partum it still hurts. No where NEAR as bad as it did, but i still don't have full range of motion. Yay for being a downer!

Thinking long thoughts for your cervix. Not that that sounds weird or anything.

Jackie said...

I feel your pain--literally. The braces help me a bit. So do stretches.


Hoping for a longer cervix!