Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Live Blogging! From....the Hospital.

Here's the scoop: I was having blurred vision Sunday and Monday. This is also one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia which combined with my high blood pressure and protein in the urine previously in our story, sent me on high alert.

I called my Dr and while we couldn't completely troubleshoot how 'bad' it was, I was given the option trust my judgment and come to the hospital if things just didn't 'feel right'.
By 6pm Monday night, things were def blurry and didn't feel right.
So, Chicken and I picked up the packed bag and made sure it was sufficient for the long haul....because I'd been told that IF it really was Preeclampsia and IF it was severe, that I would not be leaving that hospital until the babies were born. And who knows when that would be. Could be 48 hours, could be 6 weeks.
OK then....that's not stressful.

When we checked in the officer gave us a guest pass to get 'in and out' and I said, "that's for both of us?" to which he replied "Um, you're not going ANYwhere."
Haha, oh right...I forgot about that.

I stayed in triage for hours while they monitored me and it turns out I have NO protein in my urine (yeah!), my blood levels came back normal (yeah!) and my blood pressure was way, way down (super yeah!). So, it's just the pesky blurry vision we're trying to figure out.
They admitted me to ante-partum after midnight--Chicken went back home and finally at 2am they were done poking, prodding, and questioning me and I was allowed to sleep. For 3 hours. Because, you know, rounds start at 5am!
It's true, hospitals are not great places to get good rest.
The nurse who checked me in at 1am had the nerve to say to me at 5am, she was concerned I was not drinking enough water because my 'output' was quite low. I told her "it's a little hard to drink water all night when you are trying to sleep..." I thought that would be obvious.

My Doc--who is the head of OB/GYN here at this hospital came by to see me at 8am this morning and she said I looked great, am doing great and she has no concerns as of right now for preeclampsia. Whew, such a huge relief as she is one conservative doctor, so that is huge coming from her.
I didn't even realize what a big honor has been bestowed upon me until one of the nurses remarked that she never makes the rounds, they never see her and I must be special. It certainly made me feel very cared for.

At 8:20am they informed me I was being transported to the eye hospital for further testing and I informed them I could not take their little little paper cup of pills because I'd had no breakfast yet. My wheelchair porter came right as breakfast arrived. Why do this to a pregnant woman who hasn't eaten since 5pm the previous night??
After the first eye exam, I begged for food and my Dr just happened to be a twin mom who felt extreme pity on me and found an apple and juice box for me.
They continued on with a gazillion tests and found NOTHING. My vision checks out at 20/20 and here's the thing--I can see clearly out of each eye independently, but the two together? Not so much.
In the end, they decided it 'could' just be pregnancy-related blurry vision--it does happen and that this might be how it is until after I give birth because NOTHING is wrong with my eyes.
That's good, but frustrating at the same time.

I've spent the rest of the day being hooked up to machines for a non-stress test for the babies (they are doing excellent), more bloods (just fine), blood pressure (fine), etc. etc. and trying to nap.
I was supposed to do the 24-hour urine test at home today and bring in my jug o' pee to the Doc tomorrow. They decided I would start it at midnight last night, so I will finish that at midnight tonight. I was hoping Chicken could come get me at that point, but no. They have to wait a couple of hours for the results to come back and if the results show protein in the urine...well, I will remain here.
If not, tomorrow morning, Wednesday, (after breakfast!) I'm a free woman!

So there you have it. I'm so glad I came in. I feel like I'm getting excellent care and it has been a HUGE relief to know that--so far--I'm OK. And the food's not even that bad and there's wifi!
It would be really nice to spend New Year's Eve at home with the Chicken instead of a hospital bed, so say a little prayer to whatever it is you pray to.
I realized as I was leaving the house, that while we are 'ready' for these babies to arrive, we aren't ready! Stay put little babies. We've made it 32 weeks and 3 days. We can make it longer. Stay put.


P said...

thats great news that everything checked out fine so far. I am sure it was a scarry time for you guys.

motherwilling said...

Wow! That sounds scary and stressful. I hope your last tests come back with good results and you and the babies can head home for a few more weeks!

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Oy! Puffer! Glad to hear those babies are staying put for now! Everyday is its own milestone at this point. If you can hang on just 2 more weeks they have a better chance at reaching lung maturity...but if not, don't stress, 32 weekers and beyond are the quickest to leave the NICU and have the least amount of issues (if any at all). We'll be praying for you and those babies! Keep us updated!

Keely said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad you & the babies are ok. Good call to go and get everything checked out. I am so glad Chicken is there to sherpa for you and make sure you keep your feet up.
Thinking about you!

cindyhoo2 said...

How scary! I am so glad you went to the hospital though: better to know that everything is fine than stay home and worry. I do hope you get to go home soon. I agree that being with Chicken will be much better than with the hospital staff on New Year's Eve.

Stay put babies! Be nice and snug in mommy's tummy for a few more weeks!!

anofferingoflove said...

Oh, how scary! I hope the blurred vision goes away soon and the remainder of the tests go well

Stay put little fishies, stay put.

nutella said...

What a scare! So glad things are checking out ok and hope they let you go home to rest soon. Stay safe and snug baby fishes, you've got a few more weeks in there!

Eva said...

Wow. I'm thinking of you. I hope that everything checks out and that you get to go home soon. xo

Dani and Dru said...

woah! so glad you are doing good. Thinking of you and those little ones will come when they are ready!

Libberal said...

Good to hear everything is fine, minus the blur. Hopefully everything will check out and you can go home tomorrow morning.
Here's to celebrating New Years at home!

Carey said...

I was just wondering - do you ever see stars? I had that along with slightly blurry vision (which came and went). Turns out I was in the early stages of HELLP syndrome. Are they running tests to check that out? Not trying to freak you out or anything - just thinking of my own experience! I hope everything comes back normal - stay put babies!! :)

N said...

Stay put, little ones!

Fingers crossed that the urine comes back protein-free, and you're able to celebrate the new year with your Chicken.

Next in Line said...

Keep up the swimming in there little fishies. I hope you get home soon. It can be really hard to get sleep at the hospital. Don't hesitate to put a do not disturb sign on your door. Anyone really important will ignore it, but it keeps out the rifraff.

insertmetaphor said...

I'm so glad you're all ok right now! I hope they let you go home soon and that those babies stay put!!

Bree said...

A) Stay put, little fishies!

B) Scary, but so glad that the outcome is excellent care and a clean bill of health

C) Happy New Year! At home! With your little ones safe and cozy.

Anonymous said...

Babyfishies, stay where you are and continue to grow.
Hmm, for your results....as we say "seltsam"...but I hope that you spend new year`s evening at home with a clear vision and some more good news!

Anonymous said...

You're doing so great - keep it up!

We can't wait to see your beautiful babies!


Rachel said...

No more playing games, little babies. You need to finish baking safe at home.

Hoping all is well. Do keep posting.

2momswithaplan said...

Whew! I'm so happy things are ok and the protein is gone from your urine!

Just a few more weeks is all you need until your babies arrive.

poppycat.wordpress.com said...

I'm so so happy that you and the babes are fine! Damn blurry eyes anyway but if that's the worst that happens, that's GOOD. I am wishing you a happy at home NYE with Chicken and the babies. Take it easy and try to get some rest and some food my blurry little Puff.


poppycat.wordpress.com said...

PS - I'm on the expecting section of your blog roll! Holy crap! Big :)

Mommy D said...

I've been MIA for a bit but just read your post.... I'm corssing everything for you right now! I had Pre-E with my son (my first pregnancy) and I know you can muscle through this!