Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank You Santa and Your Little Elves, Too

Blood work came back OK! No pre-e for me on Christmas. WHEW. I am so relieved.
I'm under strict orders to 'take it easy' which of course means I had to have it spelled out exactly what that means.
I can walk a couple of blocks and do stuff around the house, but honestly I don't even want to walk a couple of blocks. Chicken has become my sherpa and is adapting to her new position quite well.

Her dads came down to the city and we were supposed to meet them for Christmas Eve dinner tonight. Doc says it would be much better if I not go and I agree. I need to be somewhere I am comfortable and can rest and put my feet up. We asked them if they could come here for dinner--after all, the restaurant we would be going to delivers to our house--and they balked and said they'd discuss it.
Are you fucking kidding me?? Such typical alcoholic behavior. Her father has been so concerned about me having twins and keeps saying things like "take good care of my grandkids in there" but god forbid I disrupt his holiday plans with my high risk pregnancy and doctor's orders. Unbelievable.
It's almost 5pm. We were supposed to have an early dinner at 6:30 and we still haven't heard back from them if they are coming over or not. I don't get it. We are seriously less than 8 blocks away from the restaurant. Argh.

There was no sympathy from her mother either who suggested that I just go to the restaurant anyway and find a chair there to put my feet up on. That way I wouldn't ruin anyone's holiday. Chicken reminded her that the Doctor had said it would be best not to go...but I think her impression was that I could just suck it up for one night and I didn't want to or something. Seriously, people. What is WRONG with you??

That just caused me more stress. I'm going to go lay down now, read a book, relax and not let my alcoholic in-laws get to me.

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Update: Chicken is on the phone with them and they are coming. I could care less at this point. Honestly.


Next in Line said...

I am so happy they are staying in.

Now for the inlaws. Honestly people. Really. Come over to the house and be grateful you are invited. Feet on a chair is not going to cut it.

anofferingoflove said...

Whew, indeed! Sounds like you had a bit of a scare. Take good care of yourself.

(shaking my head at the in-laws...seriously)

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

OMG! Glad they are coming over but really? What is the big freakin deal! Just let it roll off your back cause you don't need any extra stress... Some people are just so selfish!

tireegal68 said...

oh god, when people start going on about ( or insinuate ) that you might be making their holiday difficult that's when I get the barf bucket out! I am so sick of everyone else's Christmas agenda! Don't let them get you down. ( okay that's my agenda, not yours!)
I am so glad you are still on the up and up and hope that Chicken continues with her sherpa duties:)
I'm sorry that you have been feeling vulnerable recently and having a hard time asking for help. I know that feeling - I think that's why so many people hire help these days because it's easier than asking the people who care about us to do it,people who would have done it in a heartbeat in different times. For sanity's sake it might be a good idea to try to practice it, though. However, regarding the
cat litter when Chicken is gone, my prima donna ass says, hire someone if you possible can. Another thing is you can get long handled scoopers - my friend who just had surgery got one for her cat.
Sending hope and gently relaxing no stress vibes.((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you and the babies! And I wish you, your wife your babys and everyeone around you who cares enough to be kind and gentle a merry christmas and a really good time. Tomorrow over here (germany) we celebrate a special day which is dedicated to the children. I`ll keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts. Alles Liebe, Monika

Carrie said...

Sorry the in-laws were acting douchey. You know, if it helps at all, just remind yourself of this.... the alcoholic/douchey parenting buck is stopping with you and Chicken. You two will be loving, supportive, gold-star parents. If you can endure the in-laws a while longer on this earth, at least YOUR children will never have to blog about how crappy their parents are. :)

Now keep you dawgs up, no more walking, and take it super easy, ok? :)

Hanen said...

Arg! Sorry that you had such a nasty scare, and that the in-laws just didn't seem to *get* it. Hope you had a lovely christmas and that you can luxuriate in doing not much at all.

loveinventsus said...

So glad to hear that you continue to be well. The in-laws? Not so much. Crazy. People are really remarkable sometimes.

Eva said...

Wow. You need all of the rest you can get, sweetie. I hope your Xmas got better. xo

Keely said...

Hope everything went ok. Sounmds liek a nightmare, honestly. What is it with people?! How are you feeling now?