Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Final 10

Lucky Little 13, who is in the final 10 weeks of her twin pregnancy, has brought it to my attention that I never posted any belly shots after 30 weeks. Hmmmm. I think this was around holiday/hospitalization time and after that everything happened very unexpectedly and quickly around here.
So, here's the belly progression, plus a bonus shot.
30 weeks pregnant with twins, 144 lbs
31 weeks pregnant with twins, 145 lbs
32 weeks pregnant with twins, 146 lbs
33 weeks pregnant with twins, 148 lbs
34 weeks pregnant with twins, 148 lbs
35 weeks pregnant with twins, front view (holy moly!)
35 weeks pregnant with twins, 150 lbs
6 weeks post pregnancy with 6 week old baby in arms!

I had gained 43 lbs total by the end of 35 weeks. I wouldn't have minded gaining a bit more but by the 3rd trimester, my appetite was waning and it was really hard to eat a lot. I've very thankful to have given birth to healthy babies, despite the earlier than anticipated birth date.

I am also in my own final 10. That is, I've lost all of the weight except for 10 pounds. Go breast feeding!

However, as people had warned me....that weight has been redistributed in an entirely different way than it was before.
None of my pants/jeans from pre-pregnancy fit me. As in I can't even get them over my hips. I can't imagine they will fit me 10 pounds from now either.
My maternity jeans, which were too tight during the last month of pregnancy, are about to fall off.
I have no idea what to do or what to wear. I was a size 0 when I got pregnant. I wasn't that size because I tried to be or did some crazy diet. I eat sensibly, I exercise. I was that size because that's how my body is.
Now, I don't know what size I'll end up. I'm perfectly fine with never being that small again, but I'd like to know when it's safe to go buy some new clothes. I hate to spend money on something that I'll only wear for another month or so...but at the same time, I have nothing to wear.

What has everyone else done for clothing options in these in between days???


jessie said...

I'm back to my pre preggo weight finally but no pants fit the same!

For the view months after delivering I wore sweatpants, pj pants, a belly band or Greta's clothes

giggleblue said...

i wore a belly band with pants unzipped underneath. and my shirts i wore before, so long as they did't button up.

now, although i weigh less than i did when i was pregnant, most of my prepregnancy pants don't fit.

i can't wear jeans anymore and i have to wear girl pants. i never wore girl pants... i don't know if i'll ever be able to get back in some boy jeans that fit properly... it's weird!

nutella said...

I gained 44lbs during pregnancy. At 10.5 month post partum, I'm within 1 lb of my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm actively dieting, and that's how I've lost the last almost 10 lbs that hung on after I stopped breastfeeding. I am back in nearly all of my my pre-pregnacy clothes, though the weight has redistributed. I have extra skin around my middle and my thighs are fuller. Suprisingly, my boobs are back to thier pre-pregnancy size( though a bit saggier than before) so I'm in all my old bras.

The first 30 lbs came off in about 6 weeks. I was wearing yoga pants and pajama pants during that time, and one pair of drawstring cargo pants. I did cave and buy 1 pair of larger jeans before my old ones fit, and those are now too big but workable with a belt. They were from Old N@vy, so it wasn't too much $. If I were you, I wouldn't buy much, if anything yet. You can borrow stuff from Chicken or other friends. Since you were a 0 before, my guess is if friends have 2's and 4's laying around you could get by until you are ready to shop.

BTW, you look fantastic! I love all the belly shots and the last one with you and a baby is beyond beautiful.

Jen said...

I am in the same boat. I wear some maternity pants that I wore in 2tri, and also bought a pair of regular jeans, 2 sizes up from pre-baby because of my middle. I can't even think about getting into my old jeans but I am holding out hope. I also wear jogging pants, lots of pj bottoms.

N said...

I was at my pre-pg weight a week or so post-partum. I still don't fit my pre-pg clothes. My butt is finally shrinking, but hips are still super wide and belly super flabby. I alternate between WAY too big maternity stuff, and way too small early pregnancy stuff. Blah.

Next in Line said...

Breast feeding rocks! I can't believe how quick I shrunk down again. It is really strange how my weight is the same, but my shape is different. I don't know what to wear or what to buy either. I am still wearing one the one pair of maternity jeans that fit. That is ridiculous I can't wear those forever.

Gosh your belly was big!

B and D said...

UGH! How is it that everyone on this comment string is as lucky as you are with the weight loss?? I am 18 weeks post partum and have only lost 15 lbs. I was stuck at just 10 lbs lost forever and have finally shed a few more now that I've been exercising some. I am breastfeeding and back to running 3days/week and I still have 30 lbs to lose. And I'm running a fair amount (not like pre-pregnancy just yet, though) because I am training for a marathon in April. I feel like me in a fat suit but I am ok with it if that is what my body is going to do for breastfeeding. I just wish I had ended up in the final 10 group instead. Oh well!

I wear Juicy pants, yoga pants, and some dresses now that it's getting warmer here. Although the dresses are tricky with the bigger boobs and nursing bras. I have no jeans that fit and I'm not buying any since it's about to be super hot here. I am also carrying most of my weight in my thighs which doesn't help my cause in the pants department. I think I'm going to hit up O.ld Na.vy and stock up on cheap dresses and such to get through the summer.

Your 6 weeks post partum pic looks great! Congrats!

Ruby at Breathedragon said...

Finally! I was waiting for those belly shots!

You look (and looked) great. I feel like I have to play the "how do I dress now?" game every 7 years or so because my body just changes. It's hard to commit to buying new clothes/sizes when you aren't necessarily where you want to be. I say go out and splurge on a few key fabulous items that fit perfectly now and then check in in a few weeks to see where you're at. I can't BELIEVE you're already within 10 pounds of your pre-baby weight - you're doing great.

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Puffer, there is still hope that you'll be back to a zero in no time. By 6 months post-partum I was 10lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight and all my clothes were big. Breastfeeding twins takes a lot of calories and while I was eating my fair share, and still am! its impossible to keep up. I'm at 11 months post-partum now and down 2 sizes and 20lbs from pre-pregnancy (and still breastfeeding). Just for reference I was about a size 8 before pregnancy and am now a 4-6. I think I may keep pumping even after Im done nursing, just to avoid the gym!

Anonymous said...

Dude, my whole LIFE is 'these in between days'. I gained 4 pounds thru IVF, then 59 pounds during 38 weeks of pregnancy. Seven months later and I've only lost about 15 of those pounds. Niiiiice.

anofferingoflove said...

love those final pregnancy pics!

im still working on the last 10lbs and struggling with what to wear. nothing fits anymore! :(

Schroedinger said...

You look fantastic. You have the perfect attitude: eat sensibly and exercise and your body will do what is best for you.

Hugs to you. I hope your days are growing lighter. I have been crazed in my own life lately, but want to offer my services if you need a break. Speedy needs practice, remember!

oneofhismoms said...

Do yourself a favor and spend some money, just not too much on some clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself. Don't go to Neiman Marcus. Go to Old Navy until things in your body even out a bit. But do go. It does a lot for the mental health to feel pretty.

I love the bellies! And the baby feet.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation! As always, I look to you for advice on what to expect next so I have no advice but I'm glad to read the advice others give to you.

Sunny said...

Awwww... your belly looked AWESOME!! I am so jealous. I didn't get any marks when carrying my son for 40 weeks, but with this twins my belly has expanded way too quickly. I am all red and the skin hurts... ouch. :(

But enough complaining about myself, hope all is well with you four!

shindagrl said...


And yes, my dear, I imagine you WILL be back in your pre-pregnancy pants. 10 pounds on someone your size is more than you can see right now, clothing-size wise. I NEVER thought I'd be in a size 6 again, but I am. ;)

Bella said...

I am in the same boat! Maternity pants are too big, but my jeans don't fit and they still hurt my incision. I'm still in sweats most of the time :(