Monday, March 15, 2010

Road Trip Part One

We made it! It took us an hour to pick up the car, bring it back and load it up--all while W2 was having an awesome meltdown!
Good times let me tell you.

I thought we had timed their feeding ok to get on the road, but by the time we got packed up and going we got ALL the WAY to the west side before pulling over on 10th ave to feed them, haha. In other words, we didn't even make it out of the city.
I BF W2 in the cradle hold, which he reacts to very positively and Grunter got a bottle of BM from Chicken.
Success. No fighting me.

It was raining most of the way up there and lucky for us the boys loved their car seats and the ride and slept like little angels. I got a nice nap in as well.

We had to pull over again @5pm and once again W2 reacted very well to the single cradle hold. Whew!

By the time we made it to the dad's we had just enough time to say our hellos before setting up the milk bar.
The boys were so chill from the car ride, it was great!

We are learning the key to keeping W2 from getting all riled up about BFding is to position him before he starts showing true signs of hunger.
For example, right now we know he's eating @ every 3 hrs, so we bring him to the milk bar 10-15 min early. Once he starts telling us he's hungry, it quickly goes downhill.
So far it's working and I'm tandem feeding for the second time tonight and I haven't even had to use the milk teaser.

The EZ to Nurse dbl breast feeding pillow is the only way to go!

Both boys were pretty fussy last night, so I hope tonight goes a little better. We all need some sleep!

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loveinventsus said...

You made it! Nice work. Hoping the strike is over or will be over soon.

Melissa said...

Great job! I love the days when you learn a special trick about your baby to help curb the meltdowns.

cindyhoo2 said...

You are doing a fabulous job observing the boys and finding ways to work around their needs. Quite impressive you tired Mommy. By the way, I KNOW that you are tired because you commented on the early hour of my readers today--- which you called "Saturday." I had to LOL.... then to imagine myself there in less than a year. :)

existere said...

Should have been more specific - if you go to that babywearing blog, click the 'complete videos list' - there are 2 videos showing carries in a wrap (you could use your moby) for newborns!