Friday, May 13, 2011

Grandma's, MIL's and Just Cute Photos

Blogger ate my last post. As in, it was here...and people commented so I know it was here (although I admit it was a lengthy train wreck of a crazed rant on moving. Or not) and's gone. WTF??

Anyway, the boys had a birthday party at Grandma's house over Mother's Day weekend. She wasn't able to make it to their first bday party in January and she wanted to have one for them.
They had a great time--it was better than the party we had for them--and it's always nice to see old friends and family. They were much better at dealing with all of the 'strangers' this time around.
My mom insisted on making cupcakes for them. So...I finally gave in. They had sugar for the first time. Grunter wouldn't touch a single bite. W2 dove in
Although my mom and I have had our differences in the past, I will say having kids has improved our relationship 100%. Chicken is the one who pushed for this trip and I'm glad she did. I would not have suggested it at all. My mom went to great lengths to make this trip the best and easiest for us. She moved unsafe furniture. She cleaned out shelves and drawers. She bought baby proofing items. She borrowed pack n plays and high chairs. She garage saled for age appropriate and push toys and cleaned everything til it shone. She bought us diapers and wipes. She darkened widows and banned the TV in the living room. She requested a grocery list and bought everything on it--even though most items were not what she would have shopped for. She did laundry every day and made she we went home with a suitcase of clean clothes.

It was amazing. And they tried so hard. I'm really happy we went and I know it meant so much to my mother for us to be there on Mother's Day. Now that I'm a mom, I 'get' these things.

I think because my mom did SO much for the short time we were there (4.5 days) it only highlights the fact that Chicken's mom has done nothing. Well, she borrowed pack n plays and high chairs, so she's done a little. But her house is a death trap and there's not one safe space for the boys to play and there are multiple stairways of doom. Now that they are walking--almost running--and into everything on earth, they need to roam. We were supposed to go upstate this weekend, but I begged out. The time at her house stresses me out more than anything. It's the mean MIL plus the death trap house.
MIL did swing by the city for a few hours a couple of weeks ago, so she has seen them recently so I don't feel too bad. I just get sick thinking about spending $400 on rental car to go make myself crazy in the woods for 48 hours. She can keep on coming here.
I know it puts Chicken in a hard place, so she is taking the train up tonight and I have elected to stay home alone with the boys for the weekend while she does her family thing. Much easier this way. Until the boys are old enough for stairs and really listening, we're not going up there.

Here are some photos of last week in the Midwest. Gah, they look so big and old. I can't believe it. The time is going too darn fast.
Whoop Whoop sporting his birthday hat and a new patriotic outfit compliments of G'ma
Grunter Loves Hats
Mommy holding Grunter (notice the great effort he puts forth keeping his feet from touching the grass), my brother who is 8 years older than me, his 10 month old grand daughter (yup) and Whoop Whoop (notice his foot firmly planted in the grass).


For the Long Haul said...

Hey Blogger ate MY last post too! And like you, people commented so I know I'm not crazy. What the hell? Although I am kind of glad to hear that it happened to you too because I was sort of wondering if I had somehow gone to blogger and deleted the thing in the middle of the night without my knowledge or something! WTF blogger? (And for what it's worth--I enjoyed your post about the decisions that come with moving...)

Strawberry said...

So glad your mom did such a wonderful job preparing for your visit. what a relief. I have a friend whose mother says every time she visits (from 8 hours away) that the house will be fine for their toddler and when we visit, we see there are glasses of wine within reach, stairs not blocked, bowls of potpourri at their eye level, little items everywhere. Anyway, your boys are so big!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Can't believe how fast your boys are growing!

So glad your mom and you are good - I remember those posts from years back!

LOVE all the effort she put in. Today I told D he needs to ask his mom if she'd ever consider staying for a few days so we could go away. He has diarised for next week :)

One way or the other I need to know!

Crazy Lesbian Mom said...

Okay, your kids are the most adorable things on the planet. I'm happy you guys had such a positive time.

Pomegranate said...

I think Blogger was experiencing some technical difficulties.

I'm so glad Mothers Day with your mom went so well. And the boys just look more grown up every time you post pics. They are too cute!

Hanen said...

oh my - the boys are looking so grown up! Such honeys. Love that your mum went to such a huge effort.