Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I’m still here, being a quiet blogger and keeping busy. It’s almost hard to believe a week has passed since the first IUI.

We had parties to go this weekend which made it feel festive and all holiday-like, which it really hasn’t until now. Saturday night K’s brother, a fabulous gay man who works in fashion, was having his annual soiree. It’s a beautiful get together but nerve-wracking figuring out what to wear when about 80% of the room works in fashion and 20% are just ridiculously fashionable. I was unsure the entire evening if I’d pulled off the outfit (that also concealed the bloat) until a gorgeous guy told me I could be a character on Sex in the City. That made my weekend!
There was another guy at the party, a good friend of the brother, which we would love to ask for some fresh stuff. Problem is that he’s a total slut. Damn. Too risky. So many beautiful, intelligent men all around us and all of them are too risky.

Sunday morning I went to the monthly TTC brunch hosted by Gia. It was lovely as usual and nice to see everyone, catch up and make new friends. I’m so glad there are a number of us in the NYC area that make these monthly brunches.
The afternoon/evening was for shopping and a cookie decorating party. I got most of my holiday shopping done—but along the way found a new coat for myself. Regular price $600. The price I paid? $92. How can you pass that up? The last black winter coat I bought was in Italy, February 2003 and while it’s still ‘fine’ I cannot express how tired and bored I am with this coat.

I have resisted buying new clothes for so long thinking, ‘but if I get pregnant’. This winter I’ve said screw it. I literally have not bought new winter clothes (except from Goodwill/Salvation Army) since….2002/2003…until now.

Winter 2003/2004—I spent in South East Asia
Winter 2004/2005—I spent in South East Asia
Winter 2005/2006—I was saving up money travel in South America and Central America.
Winter 2006/2007—Saving all my money in the baby fund in case we don’t have insurance coverage.
Winter 2007/2008—I was scheduled to TTC soon and why buy new clothes now when I could outgrow them so soon?
Winter 2008/2009—Even if I’m pregnant RIGHT NOW, I can wear my entire wardrobe for at least the 1st trimester so I’m buying some new clothes!!

So, I feel justified. It’s justifiable, right? I added a few new sweaters to the mix, and then cleaned out my closets of the stuff I never want to wear again, bagged it all up and gave it to the cleaning lady who was happy to have it. Everyone wins.

But enough about that. It’s either 5 or 6 DPO.
According to fertility friend I ovulated later than I ever have—which is Bad Bad News.
Day 12 Monday—Trigger 10pm
Day 13 Tuesday—IUI 3pm
Day 14 Wednesday—IUI 9am

How could I have ovulated on Day 15, Thursday?? Three days after the trigger??
If this is true, we missed it. Again. All that sperm wasted. All that bloat for nothing. I keep telling myself I forgot to take my temperature that morning and just recorded the previous morning’s temp. But I don’t really believe me. Because of course I was waking up to take that temp and see that spike. And I didn’t. I remember that. But I didn’t want to believe it. Couldn’t believe it. If I had fresh sperm this would not be a problem. With frozen? That 6-12 hour window is a big stretch. See for yourself. 9 Days til testing…and trying to keep the faith that I am pregnant until proven otherwise.

I would post my chart for you but Blogger won't let me.


mulberry said...

hoping good thoughts for you... that the sperm stayed around and the ovulation happened well in the window.

Strawberry said...

I know it's hard, but please don't let fertility friend be the final say. Fertility friend dropped the ball on us the time we actually got pregnant. It didn't know what the hell was going on and said Nutella ovulated much later than she did. Trust your instincts.

Mommy D said...

Sending prego JuJu your way! I've followed your blog for a long time and wish you only the best!! Enjoy the shopping spree!!

Jackie said...

While I love me some FF, it definitely has some holes. I hear that the trigger shots "screw up" your temps enough to muddle your actual ovulation day. You probably timed it just right!

Oh I'm terrible with this html/webstuff, so I just pasted my FF link into a post on my blog.

Mommy and Mamita said...

Just to let you know -- I didn't have a temperature spike this cycle until 2 days after my 2nd IUI and my donor sperm counts were not nearly as good as yours. No one really knows how long frozen sperm lives inside your body. I think your timing is probably fine. I hope all those parties continue to keep you distracted during the TWW.

N said...

a)If you forgot to take your temp that morning, then yeah, it would push it back, because hi, FF is looking for that raise, and if you put the previous day's (lower) temp in, it would screw it up.

2)the trigger shot effs up your temps. No, really. The month I got pregnant, FF wouldn't give me an O date AT ALL. So I gave up and just did override.

iii)I usually don't have a temp rise for two days, ANYWAY. Lots of people don't.

finally)even if you didn't ovulate until cd15, it doesn't mean you're out of the running. It really doesn't.


Keely said...

I want pics of your fab outfits, too!
Seriously, it sounds like you're within a reasonable window. Here's hopin'...

tbean said...

I'm with Keely--pics of that rockstar Sex and the City outfit please!

1. Last winter every time I purchased an article of clothing I thought: But what if I'm pregnant.
It's a year later and now I buy what I want to for my wardrobe if I need it and say screw it to those thoughts. If the worst thing that happens is that I never get to wear the new jeans, than, hell--that's awesome.

2. I agree with all above. 1 or 2 temperatures are NOT predictive of anything. Neither is FF. We're talking about a method of fertility monitoring that the entire FIELD of RE eschews. So, you're still in it. For sure. Lucky 8.

Anonymous said...

sounds perfectly timed to me ~ i think the trigger shot trumps everything else that is going on naturally.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered a move to WordPress? Everybody's doing it ;)

I hope the timing was good, despite FF. I'm counting down with you...

Jen said...

Don't count this cycle out until it is offically over! Ah, clothes, I love clothes. I too was waiting for new clothes because, of course, I was excited about maternity clothes, but I had to cave in as well on Black Friday.

Carrie said...

great deal on the coat! And I am right there with you on the TTC mindfocks. I'm always torn on if I ovulated too early or too late, compared to my IUI dates.
Don't give up hope yet. I think FF is whack when it comes to saying your ovulation date. It's been wrong so many times. If you triggered then I think you would have O'd no later than 45 hours later....max.
I would talk to your doc if it's a (god forbid) BFN, to see if it can be prevented next time.
For now, my dear, try to have hope! It's nice to be back in the TWW together, although you're a week ahead of me. :) Tomorrow will be 1DPO for me....oh Lord, how can I make it 14 more days!

next in line said...

My new doc says even the frozen ones last a long time in there so I think your timing will be fine.

Shop away! TTC puts so many things on hold. I draw the line at clothes. We gotta look good and stay warm right?

eeney meeney miney mommy said...

First - Totally justifiable on the clothes! I haven't bought much needed bras for 6 months because I am convinced I'll be preg any day. I am am going to buy one now just to see if that will change things.

I have to admit that I really haven't bought into the Fertility Friend thing. It doesn't factor in so many things that could affect temps and ovulation. I think you are probably just fine.

Eva said...

This cycle could still work out. There are so many mysteries involved in conceiving it's so hard to predict. I'm glad you got that coat for $92. I'm jealous!

Heidi said...

Trigger shot vs. Fertility Friend?? Trigger shot wins hands down.

I would love to see the pictures too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for buying the clothes - I think it's more than justifiable and I can't even believe you've gone so long without new winter clothes. My weight fluctuates too much to go that long - I usually can't fit into half of what I was wearing last year which is annoying. Also, here's how my mind works: once you decide to make these purchases that triggers the universe to give you a BFP so you won't be able to wear them!