Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Summer

This may end up being bullets, because I'm tired and I have a shoulder injury (or something??) which makes typing painful--hence lack of posts this week.

Yeah, it's gonna be bullets.
  • The first thing my mom did when she arrived was get on the scale because she wanted to make sure she didn't gain any weight while she was here.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, because I had weighed myself as well hoping I wouldn't gain any weight being in 'vacation' mode while Mommy was here.  Now I know where I get it from.....
  • My mom may be almost 70, but we walked 8 miles in one day alone.  She's got mad stamina.  Now I know where I get it from....
  • No weight gained regardless of the cupcake, Russian pastry, flan, carrot cake, strawberries/pound cake and brioche bread pudding because we walked all over the freaking city non-stop.
  • Mommy went home.  Cannot have Mommy in small apartment for long time.  Cannot.
  • Joyously celebrated by taking off all of our clothes and walking around naked, followed by loudly having sex and then feasting on sushi.
  • Very happy Mommy has left.
  • It's been warm, followed by a little cool, but now....deliciously warm.
  • Sunscreen is one of my favorite smells ever.
  • I am making good use of my bikini and lawn chair.
  • K and I were both on Lupron during Mommy week with no side effects.  Everyone was happy about that.
  • Haven't noticed the Estrace at all.
  • Have not worked out (unless you count the walking).
  • Have no plans to.
  • K threw me a surprise birthday party Saturday night with about 30 friends.  It was fantastic!  Photos to come.
  • Had our once a month brunch with the lovely NYC/NJ bloggers.  I love you ladies!  So great to see all of you again!
  • There seem to be a lot of BFP's out there and I am so freaking happy for all of you.
  • I had the pleasure of having (decaf) coffee with this lovely lady, who I really, really wish lived in NYC so I could hang out with her every week.  It was so much fun!
  • I wish I could remove my arms when sleeping.  They always get in my way.
  • I woke up Sunday with a huge pain in my neck and shoulder (probably from sleeping weird because of my damn arms) and while it's slowly going away, it has kept me from doing much that requires my right arm ALL week long.  Bloody painful, even with advil, acupuncture and massage.
  • The massage was a perfectly timed birthday gift from this wonderful lady!  Thank you!  I needed it badly this week!
  • K is fully suppressed and has started on stims tonight.  She was very brave and wanted to shoot up herself.  Then she asked for juice and almost passed out.
  • I've increased the Estrace to twice a day.
  • My acupuncturist told us to stop all coffee, even decaf as well as sugar (and obviously alcohol but I haven't had a drink since starting the BCP's over a month ago).
  • Stop Sugar?  Did you see my sugar intake from last week??
  • We lasted a day and then split a flan last night at a Cuban place.
  • We are weak.
  • Today was sugar free.  Who knew it would be so hard?
  • Retrieval could be as early as May 31.
  • Holy Shit.
Good Night!


journeytowardsourbaby said...

Sounds busy but mostly great! Is your birthday still to come or gone? Happy Birthday either way :)

Lizzie said...

yay for birthdays, and summer weather, and massages, and sugar, and as early as MAY 31 !!!!!!!!!!!

insertmetaphor said...

Happy birthday and congrats on surviving your mom visit. Fern has been cutting out (or at least back on) sugar too because she finds it really affects her moods and ability to cope/function in the world. She's not a huge sweets person, but it's HARD! Good luck keeping it up.

thebao said...

This was hilarious! Happy happy birthday, and happy summer & sushi!

poppycat said...

Bullet post = bullet comment :)
- Yay mommy is gone!
- Yay warm weather
- Happy freakin Birthday!!!
- Thank god for all those amazing blogger sisters.
- I too heart the smell of sun screen
- Woo hoo for this exciting cycle
- Boo limited sugar and sore shoulder

anofferingoflove said...

whoa, may 31 is SOON! :D im so excited for ya'll.

vee said...

The last 14 of your posts have just belated popped through bloglines! I thought you were just very quiet! Excited to follow this cycle - good luck with retrieval.

Jen said...

Yay! Happy (belated) Birthday! I loved the bullet points and your post-mommy visit celebration! May 31st will be here so soon and I am hoping the best for you both.

Boo said...

Happy birthday! (and I love the smell of sunscreen too). So excited for MAy 31st.

Eva said...

I'm glad you liked the massage. Can't wait to hear all about it. Retrieval on the horizon! Yippee!

babypants said...

oh you make me laugh about your mom - i am sure it because my mom is in our small apartment. I am excited for the retrival and Happy birthday!!! xoxo L