Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Get It.

You bloggers are all so fucking awesome.  You really are.  I knew some of you had gone through a similar circumstance and would understand, but I didn't really expect such a strong outpouring of sympathy.  You just get it.
I'm happy to report that we are doing much, much better.  We have discussed this at length with four other friends since then and done some processing on our own.  There have been no more tears or anything close to tears.

I failed to mention that when BKP decided to move home--with their dog they adopted in LA--they were offered "Uncle Bob's cabin" which is a fancy way of saying a SIL's family member has a spare trailer in the woods in upstate NY not too far from the parents.  Yes, a trailer.  I can't make this shit up, it's so white trash and so NOT what I'm used to with K's family.

But BKP have decided to live in the basement of MIL's house and give their dog up instead.  I mean, I don't want to live in a trailer either, but really, wouldn't you rather be able to have your own place, walk around naked and have sex when you want??  And keep your dog?  For the love of god, you can't even be responsible enough to take care of a dog and you're bringing a human being into this world and neither one of you have any health insurance??

Jesus Fucking Christ.

I would not want to be them.  Nope, not for a minute.  Not even for the 1st prize of having the first grandchild.  They can keep it.  
K's mom is retiring this month and I'm sure she's going to be just thrilled about becoming a full time babysitter for a party of 3 when she thought she was going to be retiring.  I know K's step dad is not so thrilled and me thinks there's going to be some kind of tension in that house--so you know what?  They can keep it!  Keep the free rent, the free groceries, the stress and everything else.

We have planned and saved and thought about this baby for a long, long time and in the end, it's all going to work out just as it should.

If we get pregnant this cycle, our children will be one month apart (oh yeah, she's telling everyone super early because hey!  she's pregnant!  what could possibly go wrong!) and so who knows, that could end up being pretty cool.

Thanks again for hearing me out.  This is better than therapy.


N said...

I wouldn't want to be them for a minute, nope. Sorry I've been so quiet, but I've been here, rooting for you guys.

thebao said...

Well that says it all right there. I have no patience for people who do things like that to their dogs.
I'm with you: I'd MUCH rather create my own life, with my own values, standards, and goals, than be seen as the golden child, if BKP are an example of what that is supposed to mean.

anofferingoflove said...

sounds like you have been able to step back and get a really good perspective on things. i wouldnt want to trade places with them either!

Laurie said...

I'm glad you were able to come out above all of this and see that you guys are respectable, responsible people who are ready to bring a child into this world and be able to take care of it independently. I think that is way more important and commendable than being the first grandchild.

Your child will be very lucky to have such dedicated, hardworking parents as role models in their life. It doesn't sound like their child will be so lucky.

tireegal68 said...

Hi - I am just catching up on the story. I was so caught up in it that I did not expect the ending - but it stung anyway!
All I gotta say is - F#ck-Sh$tes!
I suppose it would be pointless to spell out to the relevant parties the inequalities of love, attention and money that are going on in this family?
The dog thing really irks me. And the pregnancy.
You have got it so much better. And something tells me that whatever trump card you have, it will never be enough for those losers! It f'ing sucks. So sorry! Icky people.
You guys = cool, hardworking, dedicated, loving and talented.
They = many expletives!
good for you for getting some perspective and leaving them in the dust!
(((HUGS))) and indignation!