Friday, April 9, 2010

Questions Answered!

Nutella asked: What are the plans for Chicken to resume her work travel schedule? Will you be looking for new employment outside the home or staying home with the twins full time?
  • Chicken has been offered a new job in the company from--a twin mom of two boys who were also born exactly at 35 weeks and 5 days, same as us! Talk about working for someone who 'gets' your life! She worked with her on a project 2 years ago, they've stayed in contact and this position came up. It literally just fell in her lap. The best part? She'll be working from home. Absolutely ZERO travel! She starts in mid June and I will be a full time stay at home mom.
CindyHoo2 asked: Have you joined up with a local chapter of Parent of Twins and trips?
  • Yes! I'm a member of the Manhattan Mothers of Multiples club and it's been the best $40 membership fee I've paid for any club.
GiggleBlue asked: I was looking at the pictures and your labeling, and wondering, if i would remember who was who IRL. Did you ever have a problem with that, or do they just not look the same to you at all??
  • We've never had a problem with it. They look completely, totally, 100% different to us.
Nicole asked: have been reading your blog for awhile, but believe i am commenting for the first time. i want to know how you find the time to blog w/ 9 week old twins???? nevermind, the fact that you pack them up and actually GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, oh. my. god.

Alicia asked: Long time reader, first post! I was wondering what kind of work you and Chicken do!
  • I don't work anymore. I was laid off before I got pregnant and do not intend to go back to work for a couple of years. Chicken works for a management consulting firm.
tbean asked: How is the induced lactation going? And what is this about a possible ttc for a third child?
  • Chicken just got her drugs in the mail this past week--Domperidone, which you can't get in the good old USA. We had to order them from New Zealand. She'd started pumping about 2 weeks prior and putting Grunter to the breast when he was done on me. These 3 things can supposedly bring in your milk. It will take about 4-6 weeks now that we have the drugs. We'll see what happens!
  • Yes, we are thinking we'd like to do this again. Maybe. Not anytime soon. But just today Chicken declared we needed another one and that she guessed she could get pregnant. I would have NEVER predicted her to say either of those things even a year ago! If we do it, we'll go straight to IVF and only transfer one egg. If it works, it works. We love our twins, but we'd really love just one more. Plus, one would seem SO EASY after two!
motherwilling asked: Where are you going?
  • We're going to the Sunshine State to meet a bunch of old ladies. Both of Chicken's grandmothers, plus a few other family members live in Florida. We'll be going to the east coast for a few days, then driving to the west coast and staying there for a week. Her father has a condo on the water and we figured there wasn't much difference in hanging out here vs hanging out there and there has a balcony where you can watch the dolphins jumping around. We're looking forward to that.
  • I put off my D&C because I'm not giving up pools and beaches.
  • It will be a trip of many firsts for the boys, first plane ride, first time on the beach. We are prepared to keep them completely out of the sun. We bought a big cabana tent and big sun hats for them. The tent is so big I can even breast feed inside it and no one will know!
  • We're hoping it's a huge success because next month...we're going to need baby passports!


naveed ahmad khan said...
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nutella said...

Thanks for answering my question. Very exciting about Chicken's new job with no travel! And so glad you get to stay home and be a full time mom, too. Hope the trip is as lovely as you imagine.

anofferingoflove said...

interesting post to read!

thats exciting about the induced lactation! seems like that would be a nice task to share with twins. you'll have to keep us posted!

K J and the kids said...

I have a box of donperidone that I have nothing to do with. If you give me your address I will send them to you. Let me know.

Laurie said...

WOW about the new work-from-home gig. (insert jealousy here) I can't wait to hear about your trip!

poppycat said...

I am so jealous Chicken gets to stay home now but you know I know how great that is and I am very very very happy for you both. That's the best news!

Enjoy the trip! Oh and where are you going with the passports???

CD and SP said...

if you have an accommodating midwife/doc, there is a compounding pharmacy in stamford, ct which will manufacture domperidone for you. that's where our rx came from when sarah was taking it to boost her milk supply. i can get you the 411 if you like!!

journeytowardsourbaby said...

Very interesting questions and answers! We laughed when we read that you had to get the lactation drugs from NZ - we had no idea they were hard to get there/easy to get here because we haven't really heard about it a lot here, only from blogs etc. Filed that one away for the future!

That is awesome news about Chicken's job, you both must be so happy about that. Hope you have a fantastic holiday xo

tireegal68 said...

So why did I think that Chicken was a vet?!!!
And a vet that travels a lot no less!!!!
What did you do before you got laid off? Just curious!
I think your plans for Chicken's work at home and you staying home are fantastic and am excited to hear how the induced lactation comes along and all about your trip. As I can see from your side bar - you really are adventurers and you're passing that on to your boys!

Wild Irish Roses said...

I completely relate to what you are saying about the twins looking 100% different to you -- my father and his brother are twins, as are their twin sisters. Both sets of twins -- my twin aunts, and my dad and his twin -- look absolutely 100% different to me, too. And even though my father and his twin are going on fifty and live in different countries, when they do see each other, they sometimes still totally wear the same outfits and people still can't tell them apart, but I can't even imagine getting them mixed up. Why is that, do you think? Just spending so much time with them, or some other, deeper reason?

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