Friday, April 9, 2010


I seem to get quite a few questions in my comments and I haven't been the best at answering them.

In an honest attempt to achieve this, I'd like you to post your questions in the comments section.
It can be about twins, life in the city, travel, IVF, whatever.
I'll do my best to answer it.

Ask away!

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nutella said...

Thinking of you this AM and hopign all goes well and as painlessly as possible. If this isn't too nosy a question, I'd be very interested in the answer.

What are the plans for Chicken to resume her work travel schedule? Will you be looking for new employement outside the home or staying home with the twins full time?

giggleblue said...

i was looking at the pictures and your labeling, and wondering, if i would remember who was who IRL.

did you ever have a problem with that, or do they just not look the same to you at all??? i guess this is always a question i've had for parents of twin babies...

tbean said...

How is the induced lactation going? And what is this about a possible ttc for a third child?

Hope the travel next week is fun and the D & C is painless and easy.

Alicia said...

Long time reader, first post! I was wondering what kind of work you and Chicken do!

motherwilling said...

Where are you going?
Ditto the question about possible ttc for a third child. Who? When? How?