Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Happens In So Many Different Places

I'm going to try to do the 30 day blog challenge. Try.
Hey--what happens if I have something else I want to blog about? Do I have to blog today's questions PLUS do another blog? Hmmm.

Anyway--the question was where do you blog?
Anywhere I can--either on my laptop (preferred) or iPhone (not as fast to type).
Here are a few places:
My LaZyBoy recliner/glider. God I love that thing. I would've taken a shot from the front but my wife is working on the sofa in near naked attire. Working from home sure does cut down on your laundry.
The kitchen table or the bed. Note how close they are together. Just climb over the plastic wall and you're in a different room. See the high chairs? The double stroller is parked about 5 inches in back of them which means I'm regularly cleaning oatmeal off my stroller. I've often pondered the idea of getting a splat mat to put over the stroller not under the high chairs.

In nanny news....I've had over 150 applications now and have yet to do an interview. I'm so screwed. Especially since my nanny abruptly left me high and dry since today was her last day and it wasn't supposed to be until Friday. She over-scheduled herself with the move and all. Damn, if I'd known today was her last day I would've taken a shower while she was here. I should really go do that now.
She didn't even say goodbye. Just texted me to say she couldn't come in tomorrow or Friday because of the movers, etc. I'm so confused. And sad.
Oh, and Chicken is gone for four days next week so I'm flying solo for awhile. And it's my birthday. Yeah, while she's gone. It pretty much sucks. Anywho...

Not that I would do it...but I remarked to Chicken, "You know, since I do trial interviews, I could interview every single one of these nannies and have a free hour of help every morning and afternoon for the entire summer." She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "That seems really complicated."
I have an interview on Friday. I have about 10 others saved in my favorites. There are some gems out there, thank god.


Next in Line said...

Oh Puffer so sorry to hear about HN leaving early, no shower and not saying good bye. Sigh.

Your would have a very "interesting" summer if you did a trial interview with a different person everyday.Yikes!

Rachel said...

That is truly no good about your nanny leaving so abruptly.

Having actually worked the other side of this proposition, I would suggest paying if you do one hour trials. If you want the "gem" you need to make it clear that you are a good employer. I was happy to do sit down interviews for free, but if I am supervising your children while you watch, then those are hours on the books. The really good nannies should know other nannies in the neighborhood (from going to playgroups, playround, activities) and even if the list of possible nannies seems endless there is a good chance that word will go around about how the interview goes.

That said, I would definitely consider full day trials next week will your wife is away. You will need to pay the nannies and of course stick around, but it will give both of you a much better sense of whether this is going to work out.

Pufferfish said...

Rachel--I've been a nanny twice and I would have had no problem with an unpaid working interview. I need to know the person is up for the job and if they can't prove it, I'm not paying them. This is not a paper-pusher show me your resume job.
I'm glad I DIDN'T pay the last interviewee because she turned to me at one point and asked me to watch one of the twins while she ran to get the other. Fired!
I'm looking for a nanny who is not a pro and who doesn't belong to the circle of nannies. Those are the ones I see in my neighborhood who are so busy talking to each other, they aren't paying that much attention to the kids.
I found my last gem this way, I'll find another one.

Jen said...

I wonder of it was easier for HN to cut free and dry? Some people struggle with saying goodbye and although it sucks for you and the boys and I personally could never do it, maybe that is her way? Sad though. That is a lot of people to interview but I bet you will find your gem! Any friends or fellow moms that can help you next week!?

Amy said...

Please update about the Nanny finding experience. I'm starting back to work part time soon and we have NO support for two active 1 year olds... Any advice is helpful!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Rather you than me. I stressed and I only had 5 shortlisted.

It's draining for me...getting hopes up, being dashed, etc. And Nanny V was number 5 on that list.

I'd love it if you could share on your interviewing process. I have a feeling you're "as bad as" or "worse" than I am. I pretend I'm interviewing as for corporate and put them through the grilling process :)

About HN, I am VERY sorry. She should have at least come to say goodbye. That's not good even if it would have been hard for her and you/ your guys.

anofferingoflove said...

glad you are participating in the non-challenge!

that stinks HN didn't come by to say good-bye at least :( hope you find your gem soon!

AdventuresInBabyMaking said...

Oh that stinks! Good luck w/ your short list. I hope one of them works out.

And I hope that the next one is a HN as well! :)

eeny meany said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry this is such a rough patch for you. I just found out that I'm pregnant with twins and this is the perfect example of what I'm freaked out will happen! And you seem to have it all worked out most of the time. Good luck. It'll all work out, I'm sure.

Strawberry said...

Ouch on HN. I hope she comes back to give better closure somehow. :( Good luck with the interviews.

Darcie said...

I love that your wife is working in a near naked state...when my wife was pregnant she said "you know once the baby is born your going to have to start wearing pants!...selfish!

Sorry about the nanny! :(

K J and the kids said...

TOTALLY think you should do the interview free nanny thing :)
seriously have given me a great idea.

Pomegranate said...

happy birthday, puffer.

sorry this week is so stressful...