Sunday, May 6, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant with B/G Twins--Update from Amsterdam

A long time ago, I asked your advice for a friend of mine.  After trying to conceive for years and enduring miscarriages, failed IVF's and FET's--she finally did an FET and is pregnant with b/g twins.  She had received a bad N/T scan for one of her twins and was very scared.
Since then, she went on to do an amnio and
everything tested clear. Whew.

However, she has had scares on and off.  She was having a very "easy-ish" twin pregnancy--continued working, playing shows in her band, doing yoga--but around 29 weeks her cervix had shortened dangerously.  She was admitted to the hospital.  Then released home for modified bed rest.  Admitted again.  Released.
Then they found problems with the placenta for the boy (all of the worries seem to be on the boy, he is growing slower) and that's it, she is in the hospital on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.
I have been checking off the weeks and cheering her on with every milestone.
Tomorrow she is 34 weeks!!!
Her doctors had said they would probably deliver soon after 34 weeks because of the problems.
Of course she is hoping to hang on to at least 36 weeks.

She and her husband live far away in the Netherlands with no friends/family around.  It's scary enough thinking about how you are going to handle newborn twins, but she's also had the added worry of the health of her baby/babies and is extremely nervous about the birth.

We'll know more tomorrow, but in the meantime please send my friend, Kataleena, some love, prayers and well wishes.
I love you Chica and think about you and the babies every single day.

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K J and the kids said...

Sending positive thoughts for a healthy delivery.
Please post pictures if you can ?