Friday, May 4, 2012

Just Another Rainy Day Walk

There's been a lot of rain here this week and the boys are thrilled to be able to wear their rain boots and coats every day.  I am not so thrilled as I'm not the biggest fan of chilly, rainy weather...but they are damn cute in their rain gear.
This season brings a lot of construction in our neighborhood and they gear up the grounds for summer. For the boys, that means getting to watch lots of diggers, tractors and shoveling.  Much better than TV and hours of entertainment!
No matter how many activities I try to plan, I cannot keep these boys inside a full day.  Scratch that, I can't keep them inside even a half day.  Trust me, I tried yesterday and by 10am, they were riot mode yelling, "Out!".  And so out we went.  And it was good.
They keep me from being a hermit on a chilly, rainy day.
And they are really cute (new haircuts!).

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Kimberly said...

Where did you get the raingear? Too cute! I can see my little boys in that next spring! Love it!