Friday, May 11, 2012

Lazy Days in Caribbean Costa Rica


We had quite a few rainy days in CR. It rained almost every day at some point, which was fine, but the days where it rained nonstop made us all a bit crazy and desperate.
Of course, it made it a bit more entertaining to photo document a day like that:

We would spend a good portion of the day looking for crabs from the living room window or balcony. Huge blue land crabs lived all over our yard and provided hours of entertainment.

Looking for crabs never gets old.

Well, maybe it does get old. After running out of things to do, I resort to letting them give me a mani/pedi.

Finally stopped raining! Let's get to the beach!

Someone has stick envy.

Walking past the surf point in Cochles.

Not toddler friendly at all on this stretch.

But... We have found a secret place!

It's a river flow to the sea. With all of the rain it's great fun. Some days it's barely a trickle.

Sliding down the embankment and poking things with sticks.

Joy. Big stick. Usually it's clothing optional but that day it was a little chilly.

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K J and the kids said...

Love it. Can't believe you are back already.

Anonymous said...

they are absolutely adorable!