Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Ideas

I've taken a long hiatus.
Some of you are probably wondering if we decided to check out and stay in Costa Rica....
We did think about it, but no, we are back in NYC and loving our life here.  There was the general readjustment period and second-guessing your life but the boys, Chicken, myself and the cat are all alive, well and thriving.
While I'd love to give you some wonderful story about why it's been so long since I've blogged, the truth is I haven't got a great reason.
I spent many days in Costa Rica *meaning* to blog but instead I spent the time lazing in the hammock staring at the sea, watching the birds flit about and trying to spot our elusive 3-toed sloth.
There were many discussions of life and school and travel, both amongst ourselves and also some new like-minded parents/friends.
My head has been spinning with the thoughts of home schooling, long term travel, road schooling and a new (and improved!) focus on health.
And now it's May.  Just like that.
And now it's time to write again.  I've got a lot to catch up on so I'm setting up a daily blog goal for this month.  Might just be photos and a lot of it could be recaps of our time in Costa Rica, but I'm ready to clear my head and dive back in.
See you tomorrow.


K J and the kids said...

Welcome back. For some reason I thought this trip would be a much longer one.
Is Costa Rica as gay friendly as I've heard it is ?
I've heard it is super gay and crunchy.

Casey said...

Welcome back!

nutella said...

Glad to have you and your words back here. Looking forward to all that you say!

Anonymous said...

What an Amazing life you live :) I so glad I found your blog and will be yes! Reading it over and over and over lol!
I am also a "homeschooling" "roadschooling" "Time4Learning" (LOL) parent to 2 children 10 & 5yrs <3

I love my life and all the freedom I have with it. ~Keri