Monday, May 7, 2012

Hunting for Chonies (Underwear)

I really need to do a big write-up on how our potty training is going (or rather did not go in Costa Rica).
But I'm thinking that showing the boys real chonies might motivate them more.
Anyway....where do you buy little boy underwear??
This is the cutest stuff I've found.  I love their clothes so it's no surprise that I love their chonies.


Anonymous said...

I love the Hanna Anderson stuff. They grow with the kids (my son is 6 and still can wear the ones from when he was 2!!! although he is a small guy. They are beautiful soft cotton. All elastic is covered in fabric which makes them extra comfy. They have cute designs without dumb superheros etc. And they also have ones for trainers, that are padded to absorb accidents. More expensive than what you can buy at a big box store but amazing quality and so comfy... I wish they had them in my size ;0)

Inlocoparentis said...

I think the fact that our school required us to put C in underwear full time when he turned 2 is the primary reason he is now potty trained. He HATES the feel of diapers/pull-ups now and won't wear them - too bulky and itchy. We just buy the big packs at Costco. We went through like 5 pairs a day at the beginning so function (less laundry) won out over fashion.

nutella said...

Oh, those are way cute!! We are about to take the underwear plunge over here, since Curly will not only have to be trained but also self sufficient at using the potty in September. We have a few pairs of cloth trainers (they look like underwear but have extra absorbancy), so we'll be starting with those.

Meredith said...

I second Hanna Andersson! The training pants are super soft organic cotton in adorable prints.