Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going for my Insemination NOW--IUI #3

This is totally unexpected. I've never surged this early or had a follicle this big--19mm--so early in the cycle.
I was freaking this morning that I'd missed it because my temp had surged a bit, but the blood says otherwise and here we go again.
More later....

OK, I’m back.
So…what happened?!?!

Well for the past two months I have surged around the 15th/16th and done inseminations accordingly.
This was the protocol for May as well and I had anticipated going into the RE on this morning and slowly watching my follicle grow and my blood levels rise.

But No.
Sunday I found our friend ‘spin’. If you don’t know what spin is…
**warning TMI ahead**

…it’s the lovely egg-white cervical mucous right before you ovulate.

Naturally I OPK’ed, but it was negative.
That’s OK, our friend spin can show up for a few days in advance.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon OPK’ed again in the bathroom stall of my office (good times!) and it was positive. It was too late for me to go to the RE, so I OPK’ed again at 9pm, called my nurse to tell her the news and that I’d be in this morning and that I thought we would be inseminating.
Thankfully we have our vial o’ swimmers ready and waiting in the lab, so no drama there.

However, this morning I did my BBT and found that it had gone up a few degrees. I don’t have a very steep spike and my acupuncturist and I are both afraid based on my BBT last month that we missed it and did the insemination one day too late. By the time we got to the VIFC at 8:30am I was a bit on the freaking out side thinking that we’d missed it.
They did the ultrasound and found a nice fat follie, but what I didn’t know is that you can’t tell from the ultrasound if that follicle has ruptured or not—thus indicating that you have indeed ovulated and missed your try this month.

My sweet, sweet nurse agreed to rush my blood work while I rushed off to a meeting at work and could only do the insemination in between meetings. As if this day weren’t complicated and stressful enough already!
So I’m in a meeting from 9:30-10:45, nurse calls, all systems are go, I cab it back at 11:15 and by 12:30 I’m back at my office only 30 minutes late for a 2-hour meeting.


When it came time to deposit the goods, my nurse told me that she saw lots of cervical mucous which made me positively giddy with excitement and gave me hope that indeed we had NOT missed it.

She was in and out in record time—in fact I never even felt it—which leads me to think my cervix was wide open, ready and waiting.

Last month she had a lot of trouble threading it through, it was a little painful and another reason why I believe we missed it as my cervix was probably already closing up.

You may have noticed careful reader, that in one of the above sentences I have referred to “we”. That’s right, for the first time ever, K, who is working from home this week, was actually able to experience this occasion of insemination with me! We tried to make out in the room afterwards, but we both starting laughing because it really is quite strange to do anything sexual in those rooms. She did have a little fun playing doctor with the snake light—heehee.

As I’ve referenced before, I have high hopes for May. From the beginning I felt this would be month as one day walking to the clinic my mind went into numerology overdrive and without boring you of all the crazy details, May looked extremely favorable. Last but not least, May 12th was the Buddha’s birthday and while I was wishing for a Buddha baby, I’ll settle with a Buddha surge.
In the meantime, we’ll add vial number 3 to the Spirit House and do a little fertility dance and act like crazy people.

Oh! AND this morning K bought advance tickets for the upcoming Madonna Hard Candy tour! That has to be a good omen!!


Heidi said...

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it goes well!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your timing was PERFECT! I'm all hopes for you. May is certainly full of fertility omens. ox

starrhillgirl said...

Oh boy! That all sounds so good! I am very, very impressed with the crazy running around you had to do.
I go for my IUI on Friday if all things go as planned, so save me a seat on the ttw bus.

giggleblue said...

i think we need a seat on the tww bus too! our first insemination ever was tonight. and now, now we wait!

shindagrl said...

Wow, Darc, you're gonna have one heckuva PRE-BABY section in the baby book when all is said and done and you print all of this out for posterity. This kid will never doubt that it was wanted and loved! :)

Justin said...

Just read your blog. HECTIC! I had no idea it was so minutely scientific. Will be sending oodles of good vibes and incantantions your way! (along with dispelling of various evil eyes etc.). One must keep one's bases covered.
Still at the office. Hope you aren't.

Christine said...

keeping my fingers crossed....

Liz said...

I'm sooo excited - and you are right, borderline TMI, however, exciting news and I sooooo know what you are going through. Let's hope this is it!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the "one".