Saturday, May 24, 2008

Still Spotting

And freaking out.  It's not AF, but it's not normal.  It comes and it goes now for almost 4 days.
I broke down this morning and took a test...BFN...but with a possible faint second line.
We went to brunch and in the bathroom I was SURE I had started my period, then came home and nothing!
This is maddening!!!!
I'm playing Dr. Google and while there's loads of information, it's all different.
My nurse called me back yesterday and encouraged me to try to wait until at least Monday if not Tuesday to test (which of course I failed to wait!).
K is really doing her best to keep my spirits up, be supportive, keep me from buying a pregnancy test and talking to me about our future vacation plans--that always takes my mind off of bad things!

Thinking of Bali, not going to test, thinking of Bali, not going to test....

Going on a long, long walk now....goodbye internets.


jessie said...

a possible faint second line? squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

giggleblue said...

interesting! i think you may be spot on here. usually, you won't get a positive test till after implantation, and slight bleeding denotes implantation...

i thought we discussed the ills of testing early??? remember my nightmare?

get out of the house! go to a bookstore, or a park or a mall or a short vacation... anything to take your mind off testing. btw, dp has been having the "my period is about to start right now" sensations too. you are not alone!